Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid people who shouldn't do math.

Twatrick puts on his pretend economist hat, and opines thusly:

The "flaming disaster" Stewart is referring to? A .6% reduction in projected economic growth. That's right -- a whole 60% of a single percentage point.

Would anyone like to explain to Twatsy the actual significance of revising the outlook for Canada's GDP growth from 1.7 per cent down to 1.1? No, really, give it a shot. The entertainment value would be worth it.


Somena Woman said...

Patrick Ross: A nutjob so creepy that there ought to be a law forcing him to wear a bell around his neck to warn people that he's approaching.

Patrick Ross said...

As compared to Canadian Cynic: an individual who tells other people to stalk a political opponent's children -- at their school, no less.

Or Somena Woman, an individual who worships at his altar -- and is delightfully creepy herself, juding from her photo.


Is this really the best you can manage?


pierre poutine said...

Would anyone like to explain to Twatsy the actual significance of revising the outlook for Canada's GDP growth from 1.7 per cent down to 1.1?

Not that I'm volunteering but one might start by explaining that it's not, as he claims, "a .6% reduction in projected economic growth" but a 6 basis point -- i.e. 35%* -- reduction in the projected economic growth.

*0.6/1.7 = 0.3529

Zombie Jesus said...

From the CIA world factbook:

GDP (official exchange rate):
$1.432 trillion (2007 est.)

Flaherty's original estimate called for growth of 1.7% of GDP which works out to $24.5 billion.

His revised estimate is calling for growth of 1.1% which works out to $15.8 billion.

From here:

The revenue ratio—budgetary revenues as a percentage of GDP—compares the total of all federal revenues to the size of the economy. The revenue ratio stood at 16.3 per cent in 2006–07, up from 16.2 per cent in 2005–06. This increase is primarily due to the significant growth of corporate income tax revenues.

Assuming the revenue ratio stays the same for this year government revenue would be:

The original estimate: $237.4 billion dollars

The revised estimate: $236 billion dollars.

A difference of $1.4 billion in government revenues.

And finally from Here

...Mr. Flaherty was rolling in money for 2007-08, partly because of a resource-revenue boom. But for 2008-09, he foresaw a measly surplus of $1.4-billion (after setting aside $3-billion for debt reduction),...

Hmmm... This measly .6% drop in projected growth just wiped out Flaherty's projected surplus.

Lindsay Stewart said...


Somena Woman said...

Speaking of Photos - I wouldn't comment on that - StayPuff Pasty Torso Mullet-Monkey-Boy

Patrick Ross said...

Whatever you say, Somena.

Any luck getting the cat piss smell out?

Just who I'm about to take seriously: someone who smells like cat piss.

Somena Woman said...

Hmmm - Let me get this straight. I blog about how our tenant has violated his contract and our property rights -- and has thus made our house smell....

And Patsy shows his situational ethics by making fun of somebody whose property rights have been violated.

I love it when Blogging Tories let the mask slip - and everybody can see how devoted they *really* are to their principles!

Good Job demonstrating just exactly how much of a hypocritical snake you are Patsy Pantload.

CC said...

Snappy comeback, Twatsy. At least I don't call for the murder of abortion providers and their families. How well do you think that's going to play at your first real job interview?

Not too well, I'm guessing.

Mike said...

Indeed, when embarrassed by his shocking lack of math and economics knowledge, good ole Patsy resorts to ad hominems against the other commenters.

Well played Patsy, well played. What University do you attend? I want to mark it down to make sure my kids never attend, given the clear quality of the education you have recieved...

CC said...

Come now, Mike, I wouldn't put all of the blame on the University of Alberta. I'm sure they have other 27-year-old undergrads still struggling to get their sociology degrees.

liberal supporter said...

You're such meanies making fun of PR's picture

Anonymous said...

Just who I'm about to take seriously: someone who smells like cat piss.
Should someone tell Patsy about Harper's love affair with cats?

KEvron said...

one thing you can't wash away, twatsie, is that lingering stink of flopsweat....