Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fuck the Jews.

Canadian Jewish Congress:

The Canadian Jewish Congress sent a letter to Harper last week asking him to avoid setting an election on Oct. 14, 15, 21, or 22. Those dates are all key parts of the Jewish religious festival, Sukkot. Observant Jews would not be able to work for candidates on election day if the vote were set for Oct. 14.

"We did make the case pretty strongly . . . that these dates should be avoided," said Bernie Farber, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress.


At a briefing for reporters Friday, senior officials in the Prime Minister's Office said Mr. Harper is likely to pull the plug on his minority Tory government some time between Sept. 2 and Sept. 7. And they said the most likely voting day is Oct. 14, one day after Thanksgiving.

I'll just bet there's some serious buyer's remorse going around this morning.

FUCK THE JEWS, PART DEUX. One wonders if that sloppy Sarah Palin wankerfest going on over at the BTs is going to pull up short because of this. I'm guessing not. Call it a hunch.

HEH. The ad currently running at the top of that AmericaBlog page:

Sometimes, life is good.


Anonymous said...

So CC, you advocating that we pander to religious groups?

Harper has done whatever the CJC has suggested - do you think this will be any different.

Dr.Dawg said...

Why not go for the hat trick?

Paladiea said...

Oh my that title, seems familiar. *Runs to see if Cherniak has had a heart attack yet*

BHCh said...

For the sake of clarity...

When you are talking about "buyer's remorse", who was supposed to have been the buyer and who was the sellar?

Anonymous said...

Jews are slave masters, I guess they did not learn anything under Hitler's iron hand. Well, they need a good ass kicking, how about some bunker busters for their schools, hospitals and places of worship?

snakeplissken81 said...

Fuck the jews. I'm sick of listening to their whining. Hitler began a mass genocide that someone back then should have finished...youbetcha.