Friday, July 25, 2008


Well, suck me dry and call me "Dusty."


LuLu said...

Ho. Ly. Fuck.

It's the telephone equivalent of spamming. Can you say "fraudulent" poll, boys and girls?

I knew you could!

JJ said...

A phone spam company. How low can they go?

liberal supporter said...

Where are the 157,000 households they allege to have contacted? The average household has 2.5 people, so said households would be in a city of at least 392,500 people. There are 10 cities in Canada with this population or more. Which one was it?

If it was not one city, then they should be able to produce their long distance bill and at least demonstrate calls were actually made. If it was one city does that not skew the results?

Do they provide any data of this nature at all? When were the calls made? What time of day?

I know that if I received such a call, I would hang up. I don't want to be put on someone's hit list.

You know, like one PR who refuses to say whether he condones or supports the murder of abortion doctors. And if asked, would likely refuse to answer whether he approves of intimidation or harassment of those who believe abortion should be legal.

liberal supporter said...


Dewey defeats Truman!

Cameron Campbell said...

liberal support hits upon an interesting point (this is about the poll now SUZANNE - if you're reading this).

A growing percentage of households have no phone or are never home (guess what, this skews towards younger people.. oh, a secondary demographics problem) and use only cell numbers.

Guess what kind of numbers aren't listed in phone books for the spam.. umm polling companies to reach?


Also, this poll called 137K phone numbers. They didn't get 137K respondents. So to get their "results" the person has to be there, the person has to answer, the person has to not hang up as soon as they hear the canned voice, the person has to care enough to answer and then the person actually has to answer. In this there is no real control for demographics, it's the polling version of firing a shotgun towards the target without looking, with out a barrel choke and kind of hoping that some of the pellets hit.

I live in Montreal, and for some reason I'm on every polling companies speed dial. More then 50% of the time they rule me out when they call. I'm too young, too old, make too much or too little money, wrong gender.. whatever. Because they are controlling for demographics. Because they are conducting a real poll with a scientific basis.

This poll just blasted away with both barrels until they got to a certain threshold of people answering. With no demographic controls at all (oh geography.. yay! so there is one, a relatively meaningless one though).

There are lies. Damn lies. And then there are statistics.

Anonymous said...

There are lies. Damn lies. And then there are statistics.
There are lies. Damn lies and SUZY ALL CAPS....

Chimera said...

Here's another thought upon which to chew:

157,000 separate phone numbers dialed in what space of time?

On what date did the "poll" begin? When did it end? During which hours were numbers called? How many phone lines were being used? Which phone comany provided the service lines?

How many numbers can you dial and connect with from one line in one hour?

Is it even possible for this "poll" to have been conducted in the time available?