Saturday, July 26, 2008

Attaboy, Chuck ... welcome to the real world.

Over at the Blogging Tories forum, one "Charles J. White" refuses to shy away from reality:

The polling firm which supposedly did this poll which was released to the media by an anti-abortion/pro-life group does not have a website, a physical address, nor does it have an accurate phone number listed anywhere in Canada. The phone number listed goes to a different company, and this different company has 3 individuals linked to the Conservative Party of Canada. This entire thing was a sham created to be given to conservative leaning columnists, talk radio hosts, conservative leaning internet bloggers, and internet discussion groups like this one and Free Dominion. We conservatives were used in there cause and in doing so, the pro-life movement has done great harm to itself.

Not surprisingly, Charles doesn't make any friends. Quelle surprise. Just keep reading from there.

And, yes, people are starting to ask questions.

BONUS DUMBASSITUDE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: If you weren't aware, the poster "SaintNobody" that Charles spars with is none other than the cripplingly ignorant SUZANNE who, when told to notice when the KLR Vu website was created, responds, "I have no indication. Do you know something about that?"

Um ... yes, SUZANNE, we know something about that -- we can check the domain registration records, you complete and utter dipshit:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 24-Jul-08
Expires on: 24-Jul-09
Last Updated on: 24-Jul-08

Jesus, what a twatwaffle. And to think someone that thick actually managed to raise kids.


The Seer said...

What has John McCain's goat these days is that the Archdemocrat Barak Hussein Obama pilgrmated unto Iraq, as St. John heretofore demanded, was submerged in the success of the surge and nevertheless obstinately and stubbornly refuses to agree that the same was a success.

Who does people getting angry at those who refuse to agree with them remind us of?

KEvron said...

uh.... chuck is a concern troll. granted, he's correct, but he's a sock puppet if ever i saw one.

i hate sock puppets, blue or red.


Reality Bites said...

She hasn't managed to raise kids. She's managed to lie back with her legs spread and think of Jesus.

There are no indications whatsoever of her having parenting skills.

Frank Frink said...

And to think someone that thick actually managed to raise kids.

Yes, there are exceptions. There are always exceptions. But sadly, it has largely been my experience that most of the truly intelligent and wise among us have not replicated and are unlikely to ever do so.

Hellooooo Idiocracy!