Thursday, June 12, 2008

Charles McVety: And the stupid goes exponential.

What would we do without Kady O'Malley?

The opposite of YPF?
By Kady O'Malley

Perhaps he was inspired by the turnout for Young People Fucking, or maybe he misses all that media attention he got after taking credit for getting C-10 through the House with nary a peep over the controversial changes to the film tax rebate. Whatever the reason, Reverend Charles McVety is headed back to the capital to co-host a private screening of a very different kind of film: Expelled: The Movie, the controversial anti-Darwin documentary that purports to expose a sinister anti-creationism bias within the mainstream scientific community.

Interestingly, in his come-one-come-all invite to the film - which was forwarded to all MPs and staffers via parliamentary email by Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott - McVety doesn’t even mention the religious aspect of the debate; instead, he accuses Darwin of “overt racism”, and calls on Canadians to “blot out out this terrible scourge in our society.”

Um ... "overt racism?" Oh, Jesus, please tell me that Charles has been getting his talking points from Matthew over at The Politic, a bit of rancid ignorance for which Matt attracted the attention of PZ himself, not to mention a veritable deluge of commenters that bitch-slapped Matthew from one end of his day care playroom to the other.

Could this possibly have more potential entertainment value? Only if it involved the good pastor and a couple wetsuits.

DEAR JOURNALISTS: Yes, it does appear that the good reverend has been getting his talking points from Matthew, one of the stupidest people ever to put forehead to keyboard, given the rev's almost word-for-word duplication of Matt's whining:

Many people do not realize how overt racism is in Darwin’s writings. The full [title?] of the textbook found in every science classroom is The Origin of Species Through the Process of Natural Selection of the Preservation of the Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

which, as I have already pointed out, PZ disposed of handily. But what does this mean to you reporter types?

It means that, if you get the chance to interview McVety, you should not ask him whether he is aware that Darwin, when he used the word "race," was simply referring to what we might call varieties, and used it to discuss things like birds and cabbages. No, you should not ask him that because, at this point, you should not play nice with ignorant fuckwits like McVety anymore.

Rather, you should raise your hand in the scrum and, when called upon, ask something like, "Yes, about your charges of racism -- are you really this much of an appalling imbecile, or is this just an act?" Or perhaps, "I'm sorry, Rev. McVety, but do you have any idea how unbelievably fucking stupid you sound?"

You get the idea, I'm sure. No more Mr. Nice Reporter. How about you all grow a pair and do what needs to be done? 'Cuz, frankly, we here at CC HQ are tired of doing it for you. And we're not even getting paid for it.

ROAD TRIP! Oh, man, it's tempting:

P.S. An anti-Racism Rally will follow at the Darwin exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Thursday, June 12th at 12:30.

I might just have to clear my schedule for this one. Short notice, yes, but if like-minded cynics plan on being in the area, drop me an e-mail. We can always go for a brew and commiserate about the state of our species afterwards.


Mattt Enss said...

If only I wasn't at work, I would be there in a flash. With a 12:30 start time, I guess this is a protest composed mainly of retirees or the unemployed? Or are there actually people in Canada who would take the day off work to protest Darwin?

Cameron Campbell said...

Rightgirl and FiveFeetofWhatsit are both free...

toujoursdan said...

I wonder how many people showed up...