Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sensitive much, Craig?

Craig Smith -- whose new Canadian conservative blogging aggregator "Canadian Conservatives" boasts the likes of "Hunter", Dr. Roy Eappen, Fred "Gay and Right" Litwin, Sandy Crux and Justin "Raging Roids" Hoffer -- presumes to lecture us on the issue of childish behaviour:

I would have linked, but I'm not sure whether Craig is having one of those "Thanks for the link, it's great for my site traffic, haha!" days, or one of those "Stupid leftards always trolling our sites, I wish they'd leave us alone" days. If anyone figures it out, just let me know.

P.S. If you hang out long enough at the main page and watch the photos go by, you start to notice a theme. Where I come from, we call that a "man-crush."


chris said...

Such empty blue eyes he has.
And there is Milton Friedman and John Stossel. Ew!
So were these people too far out for the BTs? Stephen Taylor must be so pissed that he's missing out on all this great content.

Kelseigh said...

So are your parents proud, CC?

thwap said...

A "thanks for the traffic" day or a "stop trolling me" day?

Howze about a "I'm so fucking stupid it hurts me" day?

Cameron Campbell said...

A thought: I realized how problematic parent and yo mama jokes are the day my mom died.

Just saying.

Dave said...

Maybe it's just me, but on the main page there is a hockey sweater, 3 pictures of His Immenseness, and an out-of-date shot of a Canadian army patrol in Afghanistan in pre-Desert CadPat combats. (That's right. Out-of-date. The mission was different then.)

That's the roll-out of a Canadian Conservative Oasis?

What happened to the padded baseball caps and chainsaw pants lined up at a Tim Horton's?

CK said...

Oh MY GOD!! Oops! Just had an allcapslock moment there.

OOOOHHH!! What happened? Romper Room wasn't enough?

Almost like a facebook type group for neotards


syncrodox said...

Granted it's not the DKOS or the HUFPO but what is?


sooey said...

Wow. How gay is that site, eh?

Ti-Guy said...

"Latest activity:

Roy Eappen and Patrick Ross are now friends

1 hour ago."

Oh my.

CK said...

Aww!! Jabba the roy and Patrick is now his little buddy. Ain't that cute?

Like I said, Facebook for neotards.

Yikes!! Why doesn't Jabba the Roy just go and practice medicine now? Or is the Dr in front of his name to let other people know he thinks he's important?

On second thought, after viewing his ratings and patient testimonials on line, maybe we don't want him practicing medicine.

Yep, what a site it is!

As if they don't have enough with Blogging Tories and Homeless cons.

Ti-Guy said...

I just found the "1 hour ago" kind of wistful and post-coital for some reason.

But then, the use of the word "friend" in social networking brings out the worst of my cynicism.