Thursday, August 07, 2008

I’m just doing it for the womenfolk.

Dear Ken:

May I call you "Ken"? Thanks bunches.

Please accept my sincere congratulations on constructing such an incredibly self-serving, sanctimonious, heart-string-tugging straw man. No, really.

Mockingly yours,


KEvron said...

straw man, indeed. i've noticed how none of them will even respond to any mention of c543. fucking frauds.


Anonymous said...

Even in Quebec, where the opposition has been the most vociferous and heated, the majority of those with an opinion support this bill, including 53 per cent of Quebec women
I'd like to see that poll...

The man deserves a baseball bat to the nads...

Frank Frink said...

Ditto, I sure would like to see that (either fabricated and/or freeped online) poll.

Bravo, Ken. Does Big Daddy know you're freelancing? May as well say buh-bye to your preciouuusssss majority. That piece is suuuuure going to win over a lot votes in Quebec.

jj said...

"Pregnant women deserve protection for their fetuses"

I agree, Ken. Now come up with a law that addresses that objective, because C-484 doesn't.

Ti-Guy said...

What a liar. The reason everyone thinks this is criminalisation of abortion by stealth is that...the bill's supporters, who can't shut up, say so themselves.

Christopher said...

Whoops, I waxed the floor and my Wife's (pregnant) friend fell flat on her face; I mean right over, like a tree.

Off to jail I go.

Romantic Heretic said...

Oy vay iz mir.

Maybe these people would accomplish more if they were honest about their motives.

Scratch that. They can't even tell the truth to themselves.

jj said...

KEvron: "i've noticed how none of them will even respond to any mention of c543."

Wow, you're not even Canadian and you know about bill C-543?... that's impressive. You're well-informed.

And you're quite right -- they avoid talking about C-543 like the plague, because it actually does what C-484 only pretends to do.