Saturday, July 05, 2008

The delightful bidirectionality of logic.

You know that the Zerb is right and that the truth hurts when these people are so fucking annoyed.

Um ... that is the way it works, isn't it? That lots of people pissed at you simply means that you're hitting the target dead-on? No? Funny ... that's the way it apparently works when we leftists are outraged. How odd.

P.S. And I love you, too, Zerb, sweetie.

P.P.S. Blazing Cat Fur commenter "xanthippaschamberpot" attempts to contribute intellectually to the discussion by referring to "Goodwin's Law." Identifying the mind-numbing retardedness of that comment is left as an exercise for the non-retarded reader.


Dr.Dawg said...

Still, she's the only pro-choice person in that neck of the woods.

Ti-Guy said...

Actually, I'm starting to think that Hitler himself would be chagrined by being compared to these people.

At least he wrote a book; what did these losers ever do?

And no, Shaidle never wrote a book. She produced desinger toilet paper.

Sheena said...

The only problem with that comparison, ti-guy, is that no one would ever known when they are 'done'.

Ti-Guy said...

Done what?

Are you hitting the wine box already?

Raphael Alexander said...

I don't get it. I'm getting hits from all over the blogosphere on an article I wrote 7 months ago. People not get the memo until now?