Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Hillary: Fuck off already.

What he said. It's long past time for the grownups to assert themselves and physically remove Hillary from the process. If that requires Tasers, so be it.


E in MD said...

Hillary is endangering the only chance the nation has, short of outright rebellion, to wrestle the government away from the neo-con masters of the Republican party.

This is why she'll never get my vote. Because she doesn't give a rats ass about the people. She wants power and power alone and she's willing to go to any lengths to do it. Perhaps she's on the wrong team.

Oh, and for reference. I don't give a fuck if someone wears no flag pins, one flag pin or fifteen flag pins. What pisses me off though is the people who criticize him for not wearing a Chinese made flag pin.... all the while NOT wearing a Chinese made flag pin. FUCK YOU ALL.

Hell, I think Obama should put on one now and turn it upside down as a symbol that our nation is in trouble because of people who worry about whether or not you're a patriot if you don't wear a fucking flag pin.

and as another side note to Hillary: I am fucking bitter. I am damned bitter. You are not helping. Nor did you help in the Senate... So shut the fuck up.

pretty shaved ape said...

american politics is stupid (unlike politics here? hah, i slay me). the democrats suck by an almost infinitesimally lower margin than the repiglickens. at this point i don't really care who wins the presidency. be it the crazy old man, the bitter harridan or the greasy used car salesman. not a one of the potential candidates for the office is worth a piss. not a one of them has a plan to withdraw america from its illegal war. not a one of them offers anything that resembles hope in anything beyond slogan form.

i see no likelihood that i will be anything less than disappointed in america for the foreseeable future. and no, a bunch of slogans and celebrity endorsements does not equal a platform with any sort of measurable policy planks. obama is an empty suit. perhaps less detestable than the other two but still a cipher.

liberal supporter said...

Wasn't there going to be a "draft Gore" movement at some point?

Red Tory said...

LS — Not in the cards.

Pale said...

The Draft Gore movement was going strong, but that deadline passed...
Then there was some talk that Gore might be a choice at the Convention.

At this point as we know, the whole thing is so screwed up, Dems eating their own, and the rethugs are just sitting back and feeding the fire by providing the talking points that the frontrunners are using to bash each other over the head with.

Going to be a long 7 months.

KEvron said...

is it too late to get bill richardson back in the race? damn....


Chet Scoville said...

Al Gore is way too smart to get involved at this point.

Ti-Guy said...

"unlike politics here? hah, i slay me"

It doesn't go on as fucking long here, PSA. You know that.

We're talking campaings here, not politics or governance.

pretty shaved ape said...

oh i know ti, mind you, the new canadian new government has been campaigning non-stop since they ascended to the lofty heights of grudging minority rule. i keep getting these little flyers in the mail to remind me that dion is a poopy head that he will give drugs to wife beating criminals on welfare that are gay and so forth.

ralf said...

Many independents like myself who are thinking about Obama would basically say "fuck Hillary", I am writing in Ron Paul!

Independents either care about a new style of non-corrupt non-bought off government or a sense of fiscal responsibility like investing in America not War.

Hillary fails on all counts for independents. I cannot believe any lame ass voters are still voting for this "I will say anything for your vote".

What is the difference between a bloated government run by Hillary or McCain?

If Hilary wins tha nomination our system is so screwed, so just write in Ron Paul. He is someone who supports the liberal philosophy as in government should tolerate all individuals but does not see government as the vehicle for the solution.

I don't have a job now and I lost it in Jan but I am not a victim, and I don't want a government program to fix my program.

What I want is for the government to be more conerned about American citizens than Iraq, even if it does degenerate in to civil war which is the likely case in any outcome!

Really, care about the American ecaonomy and people not wars which don't even further out interets in the world.

I am going to be non-PC and say Wooha if we went to war and beheaded a stupid dictator with no WMDs but banked an oil supply at $1/gallon for the next 10 years but we did not. We did not even bank democracy for fundamentalists who enslave their women and sput at the western world. They hate us.

The Bushes are fucking idoits, son and father. The only hope we have is saying fuckall to Iraq, ensuring Iran does not get supplied any Nuke material and that means China and Russia, and squashing Al Quaida everywhere.

I think Obama might get us out of a war and get us back to care about Americans.

Because you know what - if the democrats fuck this up, and and don't fix some of the shithole the Bushes have left us we can look forward to more "leadership from the braindead BUshes/McCains" of the world and never, ever see any enlighted understanding of the real dynamics in the ME where the regular people just despise people who bomb and pullage innicent people - yep that's us teh ole USAA by association with the fucking Republicans.