Saturday, March 15, 2008

Your "Neo Conservative" Top Ten. With a bullet.

For nothing but the pure entertainment value, we're going to start with the most recent blog post of the Blogging Tories' "Neo Conservative" and see what's been on his mind lately:

"Six people were shot on a Toronto street last night in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood, police said."

Only a fool, brings a knife... To a gunfight...

Wearing diapers is exactly this guy's speed...

"A shotgun-shell firing revolver called The Judge "COULD BE" the next big, bad thing in Toronto's gangland arsenal."

Is it just me, or does anyone else see a really disturbing fixation with weapons, death and diapers here?

And to the co-founder of the Blogging Tories, Stephen Taylor ... thanks ever so much for your tireless efforts to raise the level of discourse in the Canadian blogosphere. When it comes time to hand out "legacy" awards, I'm fairly sure yours has already been written.

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Sparky said...

I was thinking about this the other day whe I heard that Macleans published a list of the top ten most dangerous cities in Canada and Toronto wasn't there.
I was wondering if Neo'd mention that.
Actually, I kid--I knew he wouldn't 'cause that would eliminate about 80 percent of his yippage.