Friday, March 21, 2008

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Shorter Mike Brock: Let me address the sordid Brenda Martin saga by quoting that paragon of womanly virtue and compassion, KKKate McMillan. I will now pontificate ad nauseam about the evils of capitalist feminists vs. socialist feminists, the Left, funding for the Status of Women and everybody’s personal favourite ... Moooozzlimzzzzz!!11!1!1!1!1!!!!!!!1! because it’s all tied together. Really. So in conclusion — KKKate good. Feminists bad.

These people make me so very tired sometimes.


Ti-Guy said...

It actually got worse after the quote from KKKate. I started glimpsing the abyss of Mike Brock's delusional hysteria yet again when I started counting up all the strawmen, he was throwing around to define and analyse femininism.

Why don't these little boys actually interview feminists and have conversations with them, rather than try to guess all the time what other people mean?

I know why...because only women like KKKate and KKKathy will talk to them, united in cowardice about being challenged robustly.

Ti-Guy said...

And I see the usual collection of bullshit artists and fabulists are collecting to share their horror stories about teh eeevil feminazis and the traumas they endured discussing pornography during their liberal arts educations.

Must. Not. Watch...

Mike Brock said...

Having gone to two separate events, one at Ryerson University, on "Women and Islam" and another one on "Women and the Hijab", both sponsored by the respective student unions, and both sponsored by the constituent Women's Centers, I feel I have a lot to go on.

Not to mention, as I've said, I know many radical left-wing feminists personally. Some of which, I have a friendly acquaintance with.

You'd be surprised, but I'm very active out in the "community". I show up at feminist, anti-war, and other left-leaning events all the time. Most of the people at these events recognize me, and roll their eyes as soon as I show up. Just as they did at the Macleans and Islam event; quite a few people remembered me from my antics from the "Marxism 2007: A Festival of Resistance".

I've also showed up at no less than two International Women's Day events, two events on Women and Islam, one event on women's economic equity keynoted by Heather Reisman.

I've been to events where Judy Rebick has spoken. I've been to events where Amina Wadud has been the speaker.

Don't underestimate the degree to which I have engaged these people in conversation. Admina Wadud was quite reasonable, actually.

I don't paint feminists with the same brush. But my own left-leaning feminist fiance, who worked at the Ryerson Women's Centre, and her left-leaning feminist friend, who worked at RyePride (Ryerson's queer advocacy group), of whom I consider a friend as well, are also highly critical of the islamification of feminism. It's not just right-wingers like me.

If you don't believe there is a strong islamic bent to feminism, especially in Toronto, I'd be more than happy to personally introduce you to some left-wing feminist activists who would completely agree with me, and relate to you horror stories of events being hijacked, shut down, or the likes.

Ti-Guy said...

Isn't there enough sophistry and irrationality in the comments section of your own blog to deal with? I noticed you haven't bothered engaging your own fans, but just *had* to rush out and bore your detractors to make sure they are aware of your impeccable credentials...which seem exclusively related to student activism...odd, for someone who's no longer a student.

As long as you associate with well-documented fabulists, hate-mongers, bigots and illiberals of all kinds, everyone has very good reason to doubt your credibility and your good faith.

Frankly, all this focus by conservatives on student activism reminds me of the campaigns led by Lynne Cheney's American Council of Trustees and Alumni and of the efforts of that fraud, David Horowitz.

That's just opinion, so don't call up my employer or anything.

Prole said...

Islamisation of feminism? Will someone please tell me what the fuck he is talking about?

LuLu said...

Oh look everyone - Mike's here! Be polite and say hi (you don't want him outing you) ... and then ask him if he'd be so kind as to provide links to all his "islamification of feminism" horror stories.

You'll notice there are none here or in his original post.

Mike Brock said...

I'll relate to you a story I wrote two years ago:

"y girlfriend, a former employee of the Women’s Centre at Ryerson University, who is a vigilant supporter for women’s equity, rights and representation, and might I add, someone who’s politics is far left of my own, had such criticism.

In her capacity as the Events Coordinator for the Centre, she was responsible for organizing events around Women’s issues, a task, which might seem simple enough until you come face to face with the CFS thought police.

Earlier in the year, the Women’s Centre engaged in a joint event with Ryerson Muslim Students Association (MSA) focusing on Women and the Hijab headdress.

Given the nature of the event, Sarah had wanted to introduce several guest speakers to the event, who were Muslims, but were of too much of a self-critical nature. In both cases, the MSA blocked the speakers from participating.

Once the event had come to its fruition, many of Sarah’s fears that many key questions about Women’s rights and Islam would not be addressed had come true. In fact, some of the things said at the event were down right offensive to her in the context of women’s rights.

In response, Sarah considered an event to bring awareness to Women’s rights abuses around the world. Through me, and my media contacts, I had agreed to put her in contact with Irshad Manji, the author of the best selling book The Trouble with Islam. As a social democrat, a Muslim, a feminist, and a lesbian, one might think a students union would welcome such a speaker as Manji. Not so.

In fact, a Ryerson Students Union staff member exerted exorbitant pressure on Sarah to back off from inviting Manji, stating that the RSU did not consider Manji a Muslim, and that she would be too offensive to Muslim and pro-Palestinian students on campus, referring to Manji’s assertion that queer people live without fear in Israel, but not in Palestine; a position which has earned Manji hatred among ultraleftists.

In addition to this interference, Sarah, working for the Women’s Centre which is mandated as an autonomous entity from the Ryerson Students’ Union and the CFS, was regularly advised to attend RSU and CFS events during working hours; events which had nothing to do with Women’s issues on campus.

The Centre was also expected to take the position that Canadian troops must end the occupation in Afghanistan, a position, which Sarah does not agree with, principally because she does not consider the peacekeeping/making operation in Afghanistan to be an imperialist occupation, unlike the position of the RSU and CFS.

How did the RSU and CFS finally deal with someone who refused to tow the line? Read this."

She was kicked out of the Ryerson Student's Union for being inappropriate.

Mike Brock said...

I'll relate another true story to you:

In 2004, at the March, anti-war event at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, a palestinian woman who had risen to the microphone to speak out against the injustices of the war, had her microphone turned off when she started ranting against the Taliban.

LuLu said...

You keep talking about your girlfriend and Ryerson. I have no reason to dispute your account but it would be nice if you would provide other examples of this supposed Islamification of feminism.

Links would also be appreciated ... after all, the Right side of the blogosphere can be very demanding when it comes to factual evidence.

Prole said...

LuLu, are we supposed to become muslims now or something because of someone's alleged g/f? I didn't get the memo.

CC said...

Mike Brock apparently doesn't quite grok this notion of substantiating his claims when, being challenged to supply supporting evidence, he writes:

"I'll relate to you a story I wrote two years ago: ..."

Um ... no, Mike. When you're asked to provide evidence, that generally means evidence that you didn't write in the first place. In short, you're generally discouraged from using yourself for corroboration, given the potential for conflict of interest.

See how that works? Good boy. Now try again.

LuLu said...

I missed it too, Prole - damned useless snail mail. I blame the Islamohomocommienazifemifascists.

Prole said...

I'd better get my fax machine fixed. I've been missing out on marching orders from my Womanoid masters.

LuLu said...

I don't have a fax machine .... hey, maybe that's why I missed the memo.

And btw, I'm gonna post the blog burst notice tomorrow.

Mike Brock said...

Third-party source:

And here's my source for the CBC reporter who was stonewalled by feminists over Asqa Parvez:

Mike Brock said...

From the CBC article:
"Women's advocacy groups have played mute on the issue. When Canadian feminists are asked for their reaction to Aqsa's murder, they decline to respond and instead suggest that it would more appropriate to turn to Muslim women's groups for reaction."

The article was also written by a woman of Muslim descent.

Mike Brock said...

You'll also note, that I have been attacked for defending feminists by social conservatives and misogynists in the past:

So I'm far form anti-feminist. I'm going to marry a politically active one.

Prole said...

I'm not going to any blog links you provide, Mike Brock. You might out me.

LuLu said...

So that's the entire foundation of your Islamification of feminism argument? One article in a student paper and another on the CBC? Wow. Does that mean I can claim that the American government has been lying about the existence of aliens for over 50 years just as long as I can find 2 legitimate news sources discussing Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico? Cool.

And btw, kudos for straying off the BT reservation by linking to the CBC aka the propaganda tool of the left-wing, anti-Harper, anti-Isreal, anti-family, pro-[insert scary something or other here] faction. How avant garde of you.

Ti-Guy said...

Women's advocacy groups have played mute on the issue

That's not true at all. I think people are hesitant to wade into this because of all the rightwing swarming to deliberately conflate issues related to feminism with a constellation of other considerations, such as economic socialism, gender roles, religion, race and foreign relations.

The ensuing discussions featuring arguments serious people take time to articulate, were probably not noticed amid the xenophobic screeching of your associates.

Mike Brock said...

Post from Tarek Fatah:

Of course, Irshad Manjii has made similar criticisms:

So now I have 3 critics of of feminists as being too pro-Islam from Muslims themselves.

I'm sure you'll want "more" evidence. So lets add ANOTHER feminist Muslim to the chorus... Amina Wadud:

Pamela Bone also wonders:

Here's a challenge for you LuLu. Point me to one single prominent feminist, or feminist advocacy organization that spoke out against the Asqa Parvez murder.

I've provided you evidence of leftists, feminists and women all criticizing the silence of feminists on these issues. You say it's not "enough" evidence. Well, good for you. Why don't you try and provide countering evidence, showing how feminists are criticizing the plight of women in Islamic countries? I think you'll be hard pressed to find it. Maybe a few blogs here and there... nothing official.

More likely you'll find names like Irshad Manjii and Amina Wadud, who are both critical of the rest of the feminist movement for being silent.

So give your head a shake.

LuLu said...

Why don't you try and provide countering evidence, showing how feminists are criticizing the plight of women in Islamic countries? I think you'll be hard pressed to find it.

Not so much, Mike. discussing the plight of Afghan women under the Taliban.’s post highlighting the need to teach Afghan women self-defence.

Help Afghan Women – a Project of the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Feminist Peace Network’s petition in support of Afghan women.’s article about the increase in suicide for young Afghan women.

Now you give your head a shake.

Mike Brock said...

Actually, some of your links there demonstrate my criticism of feminists.

Most of those articles are about 5 years old, and I'd also like to see some Canadian feminists in particular, on issues like Asqa Parvez.

But I like that you linked to The woman there are mostly liberal feminists, of which I consider myself a constituent, as opposed to socialist feminist. I'm familiar with that particular site, and have frequently pointed to it as a well-balanced feminist website in the past.

I particularly like the fact that is a big fan of Ayn Rand. They're basically libertarian and economically right-leaning there, which is excellent.

Ti-Guy said...

Post from Tarek Fatah:

Which provides nothing but a link to an article replete with unsubstantiated assertions from City Journal, published by The Manhattan Institute, an American conservative free market think tank, among which trustees count William Kristol and Peggy Noonan.

I think I'll stop here.

LuLu said...

Most of those articles are about 5 years old, and I'd also like to see some Canadian feminists in particular, on issues like Asqa Parvez.

Actually 2 are over 5 years old, 2 are copyrighted 2007 and 1 is undated. Had I known you were going to be constantly moving the goalposts, Mike, I would've tried to read your mind first.

Any particular reason you're stuck on Aqsa Parvaz? Could it be because her tragic and senseless murder ties so well into the Right's Islamophobic agenda? Spare me your concern for women - I don't see any posts on either of these cases. I guess there's only so much conservative compassion to go around ...

Prole said...

Interesting how a couple of feminist groups (that I've never even heard of before) being perhaps overly culturally sensitive can paint, in the eyes of pseudonymous blogger-outer/attepted career ruiner Mike Brock, the entire feminist movement with the brush of Islamofemifascist.

Pale said...

I know, not as fashionable as blasting other religions and stuff.
Im not a wingnut tho. I don't toss that terminology around as loosely as the RWA's.

Throwing stones

aqsa parvez

matttbastard said...

re: feminist apathy -- 1200 + feminists (and counting) call bullshit.