Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fibber Ross

Shite spackled loon Patrick Ross seems to believe that he's in a position to count coup. After being issued a challenge, to find an example of CC being dishonest, he declares himself victor and demands payment of tribute and spoils. His victory, such as it is, rests on the tender and careful parsing that only a sausage like Ross can achieve. Rather than put the issue to an impartial third party, he will now march the halls and bellow in a parody of triumph, the special needs champion.

I've tried to stay clear of this slanging match because Ross is unworthy of the attention. He's also a stalker and a dissembler. Of late he has been throwing hissy fits and chumping about the web declaring himself the heavyweight champion of all blogging and brilliance. He's thrown his shit around here, he's gone after JJ after trying to grease his way into her good graces and he has cast his vituperative glare upon Red Tory. In the funniest of his buffoonery, he has insisted that Red is just not in the same rarified league as he, fat cat Pat.

This, um, gem is from the comments over at Raphael's place, witness if you will some Grade-A fibbing and delusion:

It still doesn't change the fact that you couldn't write up to my level even if I tried to write down to yours.

Let me ask you this: where's your Michael Ignatieff exclusive, big guy? Where's your Romeo Dallaire exclusive?

In the same thread, Ross crows:

And even if we did want to talk about readership, Marty, you feel free to let me know the next time your writing reaches an audience of 30,000+.

Now, Ross has taken great delight in throwing names around. He is part of the blogger outing stalkerazi, so I am not shocked to see my real name waved about when he gets up on his pudgy hind legs to bleat. My name isn't a secret, I'm not anonymous, I just prefer to use a nom de blog. He has also made much of having discovered Red's name. Also not a tightly held secret. The implication in his usage is that he thinks he's shamed us, as though we have anything to be ashamed of in our writings. Whatever. That extends to the implication that there might be others that would seek us out for some form of retribution, on account of we are so vile, the word of the week in smug right wing hysteriaville. Whatever, I sleep fine.

But let's examine where this boasting and bluster originates. Ross' audience of "30,000+" is claimed because Patrick writes for his school paper. Holy meritocracy chilluns. How much does that gig pay, I wonder. Let's face it, school papers exist to give wannabes a place to learn, but they aren't exactly renowned for their stellar journalistic quality. If you can breathe, type and show up for meetings you can get a gig writing for your school paper. Now as far as anyone can tell, this is the sum total of Patrick's credentials. But hey, give the kid an A for effort, at least he's trying to write.

He might be a dishonest pinhead but he's an ambitious, dishonest pinhead. After all, where else can you source out journalistic masterpieces like this?

The battle continues: King Kong vs Godzilla
Point Counterpoint

Geoff Clarke and Patrick Ross
Kong is King, you rubber-suited stump-armed chump

Geoff Clarke


Patrick, your boy Godzilla is going down. King Kong owns his ass, and always will...

Who you calling a rubber-suited chump, chimp?

Patrick Ross


First of all, Geoff, don’t even start with low blows like that Matthew Broderick version of Godzilla. That one doesn’t count; I’m talking classic Godzilla. And when it comes to pitting Kong against classic Godzilla, Geoff, you’re the wrongest man in Wrongtown...

Oh yes! Bravo! The Gateway has discovered a geeeenius.

But let's return to an earlier claim, "Let me ask you this: where's your Michael Ignatieff exclusive, big guy? Where's your Romeo Dallaire exclusive?"

Very good. Where indeed are Red Tory's or my or CC's exclusive interviews with these luminaries of the Canadian political stage? Hmm? Gosh, seems none of us have sat down for one on one exclusive interviews with either Monsieur Dallaire of Mr. Ignatieff. But I can't seem to Google up Patrick's "exclusives" either.

Here's what a search of the Gateway turns up for Romeo Dallaire.

Results 1 - 4 for Romeo Dallaire. (0.35 seconds)
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Poli Sci prof heads to New York NGO :: The Gateway Online
28 Feb 2008 ... The Global Centre has been endorsed by the UN General Assembly, and also counts Kofi Annan, Lloyd Axworthy, Romeo Dallaire, and Desmond Tutu ... poli-sci-prof-heads-to-new-york-ngo-20080228-1948.html
Gulu Walk reaches out to Ugandan youth :: The Gateway Online
24 Oct 2007 ... “To use a Romeo Dallaire quote, ‘A lot of times, governments won’t act when it’s just people,’ and I think in Uganda, it’s just people.” ... gulu-walk-reaches-out-to-ugandan-youth-20071025-1151.html
[PDF] TheGatewayPresents:
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Following in the footsteps of Desmond Tutu, Romeo Dallaire,. and Irene Khan, Mary Robinson will be on hand to deliver the. U of A’s Visiting Lectureship in ... Features%202007-08/Jan10Centenialyear.pdf
Canada must choose its humanitarian crises wisely :: The Gateway ...
Yet leaders such as Romeo Dallaire, commander of the ill-fated 1994 peacekeeping mission in Rwanda, would likely be among the first to remind these people ... canada-must-choose-its-humanitarian-crises-wisely-20070319-358.html

Well Ross wrote the fourth article but it is hardly an exclusive, an opinion piece and one of middling quality. But perhaps the vagaries of the University's web archiving have eluded me. Perhaps Ross has been awarded these cherished exclusives for his highly regarded web log the Nexus of Assholery! So I performed a little search and land sakes alive lookie what came up!

Dallaire to Canadian Youth wherein Patrick EXCLUSIVELY, reproduces the text of Dallaire's speech to the student body. Yes, he adds a few extra comments to bookend the piece but hardly what one of integrity would call an exclusive.

Well maybe I'll have better luck with the fabulous, one on one exclusive interview with Michael Ignatieff. Hey there's two of them, My Meeting With Michael, So To Speak which, again, provides the text of a speech delivered by the gentleman in question. Then there's Part 2 which is the EXCLUSIVE transcript of a question and answer session that followed the speech.

Seems that in all of his huffing and bloated claims of his own magnificence, Patrick left out an important detail, the truth. He doesn't have an exclusive interview with Dallaire or Ignatieff either. Patrick is a boasting blow hard, a fibber and a twat. He has won no contest in any objective sense and he doesn't care. He can pretend to have proven something and that's close enough in his shallow world. So now he will pester folks to buy his Evans worthy shirt of innuendo because he's too fucking cheap and ignorant to actually reach into his own pocket and give to the kids, who he is now using as pawns in his little sympathy game.

Fuck you Patrick. You're a liar and a cheap one at that.


LuLu said...


My hero. Is your foot tired from that outstanding Patsy-ass-kicking, PSA?

Red Tory said...

For what it's worth, I did have a half-hour interview with Mr. Dion when he was running for leader of the Liberal Party. I don't know if that qualifies as an "exclusive" but it was an engaging conversation and I was pleased that he not only took the time out of his busy campaign schedule to chat with me, but also answered my questions about the economy and his environmental policies in a very straightforward way.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there...

Let me implore you once again to please ignore Patsy. He's a witless, insignificant douchebag... not worth even the momentary time or effort it takes to sneer in contempt at his laughable pretensions and arrogant bluster.

Patrick Ross said...

"...because he's too fucking cheap and ignorant to actually reach into his own pocket and give to the kids, who he is now using as pawns in his little sympathy game."

Oh, the outrage.

Hey, I'm just glad you found it in yourself to give Cynic shit for not keeping his promises. ;)

As for me, hey: I love the charm of being able to raise that money for those kids, and still humiliate your hateful hero at the same time.

Face it, kids: you got outmaneuvered on this one. Now go cry to your sycophants. Apparently they care.

Red Tory said...

You have to "raise" $250? LOL.

What a loser.

CC said...

And on that note, I believe we can officially disinvite Twatrick from any more parties here at Chez CC.

It's been fun, Twatrick. Well, no, it hasn't. I was just being polite.

M@ said...

What Stewart seems to be ignoring (or openly trying to conceal) is that there are two kinds of exclusives: granted exclusives, in which an individual agrees to sit down with a reporter and grant an interview on an exclusive basis, and earned exclusives, in which a reporter takes advantage of an opportunity that their competitors don't.

I'm stunned, simply stunned, that this guy got into a university. I mean, was his dad boning the dean of admissions, or what?

Mike said...

Gosh, psa, that he was bragging about it should have been the first clue he was a liar and a blowhard. If he needs to brag, he's trying to make himself look better. An ego thing I suppose.

In my day I have done exclusive interviews - real exclusive interviews - with Ken Dryden (long before he was a politician), Dalton McGuinty Sr. (Dalton's dad,when he was an MPP), Margaret Atwood and Peter Newman, to name but a few. I've never seen the need to even mention this, mainly because I've never seen the need to validate my writing through bragging.

But then, I'm in my 40's and don't need to make myself the Big Man on Campus or the Big Man in the Blogsphere. Perhaps Patsy will grow up a bit when he gets to the real world.

No, I'm not holding my breath. Having read he latest effort in goal-post-dragging, I can safely say he'll grow up to write for the Shoppers News.

KEvron said...

you guys come up with some clever merchandizing at the expense of twatrick's vestigial honor and i'm your first customer.

KEvron, cash in hand

Patrick Ross said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Red Tory said...

This from "Patrick Ross, aka The Diamond Kid aka Kid Cash aka Thunderbolt Ross aka Tha Flamethrower aka The Mindbender aka..."

This is a seriously disturbed individual...

Patrick Ross said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CC said...

Twatrick, what part of "Piss off" is confusing you?

900 ft Jesus said...

"Let me implore you once again to please ignore Patsy."

yeah. He did something similar to me as he did to jj - trying to sound all reasonable then into the attacks.

Attempts at mind games - "you don't want to sound partisan, do you? You want to sound principled." (or words to that effect)

Trying to tell me and others what we are - something along the lines of - "no, you're not pro-choice, you're pro-abortion."

I get too tired of dismantling the fallacies of logic and play on words. RT is right - ignore him. His mind isn't open, and someone whose purpose is to self-promote, as this post clearly shows is his motive can't hold a balanced discussion. Point scoring is all it is, even at the cost of truth.

CC said...

Kids, you're forgetting the basics of what's happening here: We're not engaging Twatrick, we're simply mocking him. There's a difference.

liberal supporter said...

I get too tired of dismantling the fallacies of logic and play on words.
That is what they hope for.

Before I started following blogs, I had "heard of" only the BTs in conventional media.

They try to get people to think they are the silent majority. They can't do that if people keep tirelessly poking holes in their nonsense. That explains the concerted attacks.

we're simply mocking him
Exactly. And it makes them positively livid. They continue to try marginalizing everyone else as being a "noisy majority", or "vile" but as you can see, they are not getting much traction are they?

I sometimes "get tired" of taking out the garbage too, but a good night's sleep, and enjoying life makes all the difference. Enjoying life is really the key in my view. The lives we live would be greatly changed should these right wing extremists gain real power. That is why they cannot be ignored. Keep on mocking them!

Red Tory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Red Tory said...

Unfortunately, it all feeds into his desperate need for attention. He doesn’t seem to appreciate that he’s being mocked. To the contrary, he actually delights in whatever coverage he can get, even if it’s just your withering contempt.

As Ti-Guy has suggested, he’s a loon which probably accounts for his total lack of shame and his complete disregard for bothersome facts that contradict his contrived melodrama. Aside from being a clueless, ignorant punk, he’s a seriously disturbed individual.

900 ft Jesus said...

good points. Mocking people like him is good if it shows the lies and flaws of logic. Seriously. What Cynic does here is important in that aspect.

apply liberally is right, too, that we shouldn't let them exhaust us and then quit. But engaging them on a serious level is pointless. Pointing out wingnutism to others who still have an open mind does accomplish something. It challenges the ridiculous views and statements and helps others from getting caught up by people like Ross. And that's best done on blogs like this rather than on his.

In my humble opinion. But I'm still learning.

Red Tory said...

The problem is that people like Patsy will unabashedly LIE and fabricate their own version of events to prop up their deranged, psychotic narrative, so there’s little point in mocking them, making overtures to engage them reasonably, or attempting to “set the record straight” with facts. Regardless of whatever you say it will simply end up being grist for the mill — generating evermore spin, lies and distortion in response. Then that gets corrected (or mocked)… only to be followed by more lies, etc. And around and around you go on a pointless carousel of insanity. If you folks want to play his silly little mind game that’s up to you I guess. I’m suggesting it’s a complete waste of time and effort.