Saturday, March 15, 2008

Drinking cynically in K-W, Saturday, Mar 15.

[Post-dated to hang out here for a day or so. Deal with it.]

I believe I've persuaded my co-blogger PSA (whose real name is Richard Bachman) to grab a beer or three Saturday evening somewhere in the neighbourhood. Time and location TBA, but if you'd like to join us, drop me an e-mail. Not surprisingly, it'll be invitation only. You understand, I'm sure. And, yes, you're buying.

And if you're not familiar with either myself or PSA, we won't be hard to find. We'll be the loud ones at the bar, cracking rude Raphael Alexander "homo" jokes and wearing T-shirts emblazoned with:

Date me, baby, I'm available.
Because if you don't, the alternatives are
too frightening to contemplate:

We'll see you there. And don't forget the "You're buying" part.


pretty shaved ape said...

richard bachman overdrive!

CC said...

bachman turner overweight!

LuLu said...

It's too early for such incredible, mullet-sporting corpulence ... bad CC.

Red Tory said...

Ugh. I was hoping you'd bury this post with newer material so we wouldn't have to see Patsy's ugly mug every time the page is called up.

liberal supporter said...

ad blocker is your friend!

CC said...

You're missing the point, RT -- 24 hours of looking at Mullet Aficionado's Mr. March will make you all the readier to drink heavily on Saturday when we get together.

Well, not you because you're not local. But me. And that's all that matters.

Red Tory said...

Ah, I see the method to your madness now. ;)

Flat Saddam said...

Find a place with a decent bloody mary and I'm there.

liberal supporter said...

I think cc's just put it up there to steel himself for when he picks up the dartboard sized print at kinkos.

CC said...

flat saddam:

Wouldn't you prefer a Velvet Rope? Heh ... sometimes, I'm so witty, I frighten myself.

Holy shit! Oh, wait ... never mind. Carry on.

Southern Quebec said...

Beware the Ides of March people!

Sheena said...

That guy looks like a Saturday morning goalie from the Gatineau house league.

Jennifer Smith said...

You fuckers, I'm WORKING that night! SHIT!

You really need to give us more than 24 hours notice for this kind of thing. The shit I coulda told you about Raph... oh, well.

Just to keep the conversation going in my absence, I give you the latest in the "Shorter Raphael" Series:

"Pedophelia and homosexuality are both sexual disorders. Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

Have fun. Snif.

Frank Frink said...

Jennifer, Egads! I felt my IQ dropping 20 points wading through that comment thread. I had to stop after SUZY AllCaps's second comment.

Sheena said...
That guy looks like a Saturday morning goalie from the Gatineau house league.

He almost looks like a young Mike Palmateer.

(Taking a cue from Sheena, I got hhmgguwh for a word verification. Coincidently, hhmgguwh is the also first sound I make when I wake up.)

CC said...

And speaking of Raphael, Jennifer, when you decided to start a new blog with Raph, well ... how to put this delicately ... what the fuck were you thinking!?!?


Pearce Richards said...

New blog I'm trying to get up and running, check it out, if you like it feel free to drop me a line, if you don't, meh no worries.

I've been reading your blog for a while, it's interesting stuff. I enjoy.

pretty shaved ape said...

jesus h. tarpaulin covered christ. raphael is a fucking idiot. jennifer, i have to wonder as well, what ever possessed you to co-blog with that smarmy, greased bigot? if that boy had his head any further up his own ass he'd be a closed loop system.

LuLu said...

I think it sucks ass that:
a) I'm awake; and, more importantly
b) You guys are drinking without me.

And I'm really going to have to go with CC and PSA on this one, Jennifer ... blogging with Raphael? Seriously? I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time but wow. He's turned into a complete squirrel lately.

CC said...

I think LuLu makes a critical observation:

"He's turned into a complete squirrel lately.

As in, he used to be at least marginally lucid, but lately? Jesus. Something has recently happened to that boy, and it's not good.

pretty shaved ape said...

"As in, he used to be at least marginally lucid, but lately? Jesus. Something has recently happened to that boy, and it's not good."

I'm going to beg to differ, Raphael's always been a whinging twat, the only difference is that the facade has begun to slip. Sure, he has lucid moments but at the core he's pure BT snot and spite, bigotry and bullshit.

LuLu said...

BTW, CC - still waiting for your answers below. Movie, book, ice cream. Yes, now.

Jennifer Smith said...

what the fuck were you thinking!?!?

I'm a masochist? I'm honing my debating skills? Blogging as bloodsport? Cheap entertainment?

In fact, Raph's pretty average compared to most conservatives I know - as opposed to the more extreme, foaming at the mouth variety you usually find in BT land. It's kind of like arguing with my dad, actually.

I figure if I can understand how his muddled little mind works and debate him without blowing my top or puking, it will help me when I go door knocking and cold calling when (if?) there's an election campaign. Or if I ever decide to run for anything myself.

There are other reasons, but that's mostly it. Besides, what do you care? I'm having fun, and you guys get more Raph-related blog fodder to play with.