Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Kathy Shaidle fans.

Since Eye Weekly's piece on putrid racist Kathy Shaidle linked to this blog but not to a particular post, let me help you out. I'd start here if I were you. And, amazingly, Warren Kinsella outdoes himself, for a change.

We got a million of 'em, folks. Just ask.

: I would be remiss if I didn't point out the door-bulging popularity of Ugly Kathy's diatribe:

But there she was, out in public last Thursday, giving a “lunch and learn” talk on Free Speech and the Internet to 15 loyal readers at the University of Toronto Faculty Club.

Yes, I'm sure they had leftovers at the pastry table. Unless Kathy got there first.


Ti-Guy said...

If we were wingnuts, we'd start character-assissinating the poor sod at Eye Weekly who wrote this up and failed...FAILED!... utterly to write the story with the adequate degree of vilification that we'd all like to see.

Southern Quebec said...

I think you should have a warning that KKKathy's face will fill your screen when you click on the link. Almost dropped the ol' laptop!

Red Tory said...

SQ — LOL. It a frightening image to have pop up on your browser.

KEvron said...

"It a frightening image to have pop up on your browser."

my hand was still holding the mouse, so i chewed my arm off....