Saturday, June 02, 2007

And let's all pray for them, too -- I hear that helps.

And over at Phantom Observer, Blogging Tory Vic Wong puts down his keyboard, straps on his Kevlar-reinforced Reeboks, dons something red and courageously sallies forth from his parents' basement to defend and support the honour of Canada's fighting men and women -- by walking/running 5 km, knowing that, at any minute, deadly insurgent gunfire might erupt in Kabul, a mere several thousand kilometres away.

And don't think that 5 km was a cakewalk, either:

A good distance to cover on foot, I have to admit. A bit muggy out, and the skies were pretty nice for the whole event.

I mean, the distance or the humidity alone would be enough to give one pause, but the two of them combined? Well, that Vic is quite the trooper, wouldn't you say?

Join us next time when Vic, having recovered fully from his ordeal, does it all again since, if there's one thing the troops can't get enough of, it's pictures of lots of people wearing red, and the new photos will be, like, totally different from the old ones.


Ti-Guy said...

The stupider Stephen Harper gets, the louder they clap.

You know, let's have a draft and ship these morons to Darfur.

The Seer said...

What's the beef? They're not puttting the troops at risk by walking around Ottawa, and the taxpayer took not hit on this one. That's more patriotic than some other people I can think of.

Ti-Guy said...

Ah, indifference. What a bold rhetorical choice, Seer.

joe said...

"..if there's one thing the troops can't get enough of, it's pictures of lots of people wearing red, and the new photos will be, like, totally different from the old ones."

You're so right. The troops in Afghanistan couldn't care less about seeing crowds of people taking the time to demonstrate their support for the soldiers and their mission. They'd much rather read the snotty, pretentious, fratboy bullshit that you spout here. You are to be pitied.

Mike said...

the seer,

Don't be a fool. I can assure you most of the people in that crowd were civil servants and DND employees who got the day off to do that - paid, of course. Sure a few of them went of their own accord, but I can tell you, there were more folks drinking beer on patios in the Market and on Elgin Street than walking in that propaganda effort.


Are you there? Have you served? I doubt very much you know anything about what the troops want. So why don't you stop your mindless slathering about "the troops" and stfu, m'kay meatwrench?

joe said...

I see that the libertarianism hasn't quite taken yet, has it Mikey? Apparently, I don't have the right to an opinion, in your view. Doesn't square with any libertarians I know. I guess you're still an NDP shithead, after all.

M@ said...

Joe, I suggest you talk to some real soldiers some time. They read the news and they talk to their loved ones. The red shirts don't impress them and the most leftist anti-war blogs don't impress them. They do their job and they don't sweat that stuff.

It's only people like you who get worked up that way. Fortunately for us, I think.

joe said...

You have a strange definition of "worked up". I just pointed out that it is more likely that troops would choose a show of moral support over the whiny ranting bullshit presented here on a regular basis. I thought that was quite clear, but apparently I grossly overestimated the cognitive abilities of the usual suspects at this blog. Oh,sorry, that means I gave you too much credit for being able to think.