Wednesday, July 06, 2022


So, just to be clear, the CPC is responsible for a staggering portion of Canada's current national debt:

but whiny asshat Pierre Poilievre is going to bitch and moan about how his hamburger bun costs three cents more than it did last year:

Fuck that guy.


Anonymous said...

But how much has the price of those things changed when expressed in bitcoin?
If we are lucky the price increases would be in the double digits not triple.

Anonymous said...

Pierre Poilievre is a simpleton who seems to appeal to simpletons. What are the odds?

Conservatives live in their delusions and then blame others when their ideas are complete failures in the real world.

Purple library guy said...

I mean, the inflation problem is real, and it's hitting many people, and Conservatives, if they were in power, would do exactly the same thing about it that the Liberals are doing: Nothing, so they can let the central bank take responsibility when it jacks interest rates until there's a recession and masses of people lose their jobs and their homes.

Because there is no way in Hades the Conservatives would ever impose price controls, or a big windfall profits tax, or pursue strong antitrust action, or do anything else that would actually be helpful for people. With the Liberals, there is at least some chance they will pursue some quarter-measures if the NDP bug them hard enough about trying half-measures.

Anonymous said...

They would axe the carbon tax and then to be fair axe all the royalties, even though today they are the remnant of what Norway turned into trillions.