Saturday, July 02, 2022

No end to the burning stupid.

How do imbeciles like this function in society?

It's just depressing this level of stupidity.


Anonymous said...

Us Canadians were FORCED to get vaccinated? Huh, I must have missed when I was kidnapped by Trudeau's Mandatory Vaccination Squadron in the dead of night (THREE TIMES!), taken to a secret location, strapped to a chair, and given the shot. Could've sworn I voluntarily went to a nearby pharmacy and got it done each time. *Shrugs*

Given that 15% of Canadians haven't gotten a Covid shot at all, and given that no one has heard of that same percentage (or anywhere close to it) of people having starved to death in the ensuing 1 1/2 years since the Covid shot was a thing, I have to assume that people have been able to continue feeding their families since. It's almost as if most (if not all) grocery stores didn't have restrictions on who could enter based on vaccination status. Sure, you likely had to wear a mask to get in, but that's a minor inconvenience at most.

Well, unless you're a part of the "mask make facey hurt" crowd, who oddly enough are part of the "Manliest Men Who Ever Manned" crowd...who are part of the "Covid is just the flu" crowd, but also part of the "why yes, I always treat the flu with things like horse paste and my own urine, so I do the same with Covid. Why do you ask?" crowd...who are part of the "TRUDEAU IS THE BIGGEST TYRANT IN WORLD HISTORY!" crowd, but also part of the "my friends and I travelled several hundred kilometres across Canada, then obstructed several blocks of a major city's downtown without a permit, and most of us somehow avoided arrest" crowd...who are part of the "MY BODY, MY CHOICE (for vaccinations)" crowd, but also part of the "NO CHOICE! YOU MUST HAVE THAT BABY, YOU GODLESS HEATHEN BITCH SLUT WHORE!" crowd...who, well you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Astroturf by Jenni