Saturday, July 02, 2022


"Freedom Convoy" participants, consisting mainly of hate-filled, illiterate, Nazi white supremacists who invaded Ottawa earlier this year, totally occupied the downtown core, waved Confederate flags, blocked streets, spewed diesel fumes into the air, blasted air horns at all hours, terrorized Ottawans and promised to murder the Prime Minister, now taken aback by the fact that the local police are being less patient with them this time.

Yes, they really do think as slowly as you'd heard.

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Anonymous said...

In fairness, I can understand the confusion from some of them. I mean, they had the run of the place for the better part of three weeks during the winter, no thanks to the Ottawa "police" Service. They probably expected the OPS to have the hot tubs and bouncy castles set up for them before they arrived this time, instead know...doing what the OPS is actually paid to do (supposedly).