Tuesday, July 05, 2022

This is the level of GOP dumbfuckitude we're talking about here.

Seriously, it's this fucking stupid:

If this woman were any dumber, she'd be Tamara Ugolini.


Anonymous said...

Dumbfuckitude or dishonesty or both?

MgS said...

Oh look - they’ve adopted the “Justinflation” style tag too. They’re neither particularly original or smart, are they?

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that Nikki Haley actually graduated school with an accounting degree and was... check notes... governor of South Carolina and United States ambassador to the United Nations...

Conservatism is a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

She inspected a voting machine that works the same way

Brian Busby said...

Head over to Pierre Poilievre's Facebook page and you'll see he's posted a similar breakdown with the claim "BBQ for 8 adults and 8 kids: $302 - UP 17.5% since last year." Here's the breakdown:

Hamburgers (up 11.0%)
Hot Dogs (up 10.0%)
Buns (up 11.0%)
Ketchup (up 17.0%)
Veggies (up 10,0%)
Beer (up 5.0%)
Propane (up 42.0%)

No account of what was actually purchased or how much beer the kids drank. Pierre must have been disappointed that the increase was just 17.5%, but the propane really helped.

Note that the average increase on the seven items is 15.1%

CC said...

BB: As I don't do Facebook, please tell me you have a screenshot, and ship it over to me. I will take it from there.