Wednesday, July 06, 2022

... and that's when the batshit crazy started.

As is his pattern, Rebel News' evolutionary mistake, Adam Soos, starts off with his customary white nationalist, tinfoil hat whackjob conspiracy theories:

at which point, well, we descend into pure deranged Christian wingnuttery:

Tune in next week when Adam asks if you've ever really -- I mean, really -- looked at the Biblical significance of QR codes.


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Sidebar: The Reawaken America Tour is the travelling circus of Trump-era criminals, Q-Anon lovin' bloggers, shrieking talk radio hosts, and crazy preachers that has been providing an American platform and meal ticket to Rebel-favourite "Lion of God" Artur Pawlowski (when he's not in jail).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good thing. If they reawaken America, then it will finally be woke.

Anonymous said...

Roger Stone is a Ferengi.