Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: It's payday!

UPPITY DATE, JUL 21: 'Twould appear that the recent garnishment order against Patrick Ross' Alberta employer may come to naught, as it is entirely possible that Patrick is no longer employed there, this conjecture based on one of my reliable sources from the environs of Lloydminster, SK reporting that Patrick has been in town all week and therefore not working in northern Alberta.

It's possible that Patrick is simply taking some time off, or is maybe on holidays, but this development fits with my earlier speculation that, once that garnishment order was served, Patrick would -- in a fit of childish, self-destructive pique -- prefer to quit rather than continue toiling away in the wilds of Clairmont only to see a sizable chunk of his paycheque go to me.

Again, why Patrick is back in the Lloyd is unclear, but assuming that he simply walked away from his post, we are once again in the position where he is an unemployed, undischarged bankrupt living at home and still owing me a truckload of money (an amount continuing to increase now by over $500 per month due to accruing interest).

In other words, same as it ever was.

End of update.

Pursuant to absolutely nothing, it was earlier this year that I informed one and all that the Saskatchewan sheriffs had snagged just over $2,500 from the bank account of one Patrick "Super Duper Kid Cash Thunderbolt Nexus Quintuple Threat MMA Cosplay Asshat Bikini Designer Creepy Stalker Basement Incel" Ross related to my collection proceedings against him.

I was informed today that said sheriffs just handed over that amount to my SK lawyer, as they are legally required to hang onto such sums for a while in case the unfortunate doofus from which it was seized files an objection. As Patrick chose not to contest the seizure, I am expecting the aforementioned payment any time now.

All of this is entirely independent of the newly-instituted garnishment proceedings served on Patrick's Clairmont-based Alberta employer last week.

That is all.


RossOwesDay said...

Congratulations, CC! The high-end gin and hot sauce vendors of the Ottawa area are surely going to see an uptick in business shortly.

Any luck uncovering other bank accounts where Twatsy or Ken might be stashing Twatrick's meagre earnings?

Anonymous said...

He just posted another thread about his "lawsuit" against Peter Skinner and he claims his legal precidents absolutely say that he can sue...someone seriously needs to ask him about that letter from the OSB

Anonymous said...

If Patrick gets another job somewhere, does that garnishment order still apply?

CC said...

Anon @ 4:58 AM: Yes, it does, as long as I learn the identity of his new employer. Also, as you might have noticed, it does not matter if he gets a job in a different province, as the garnishment is based on Saskatchewan's "Enforcement of Money Judgments Act," so it will always be enforceable.

In short, if anyone is following Patrick on social media, and he gives any indication of starting a new job somewhere, please let me know and the SK sheriffs will take it from there.

Anonymous said...

If Patrick just refuses to work, what options do you have for collecting? Or what options does he have for getting out of this?

CC said...

Anon @ 5:39 AM: At this point, Patrick has no options for getting out of this short of paying me what he owes me (by now, $110K). As I have explained on previous occasions, Patrick is no longer protected by bankruptcy's stay of proceedings as I won a motion to have those protections lifted in his case. (In other words, while Patrick is still a bankrupt, he gets none of the benefits of being a bankrupt; the worst of all possible worlds).

Patrick cannot file for a second bankruptcy since he is still in his first. And he cannot resume his current bankruptcy as, given his history of refusal to follow the rules or obey court orders or make payments, no court will have the slightest sympathy for him.

As for my options for collecting, if Patrick simply refuses to work, there's not much I can do about it, but this puts back on the table my plan to haul him in for questioning under oath about his finances, and possible inheritance, and so on. And I have the legal right to demand the same of his family members, who might be prepared to disclose any information about the aforementioned farmland once owned by the siblings of that family. And all of that questioning would be under oath, so we would learn which of Patrick's siblings would be willing to lie for him, then go to jail for perjury.

In the end, Patrick has the legal right to simply sit in his dad's basement in Lloyd and shriek all day long on social media about abortion and hockey and comic books, knowing that every month that goes by increases what he owes me. And, some day, when his father passes away and he thinks he's going to inherit the house he lives in, he will be in for a decidedly rude awakening when I file to seize it.

There was once a time when Patrick could have gotten out of this relatively inexpensively; that time is long since past.

MgS said...

A couple of thoughts:

1). He could apply to the courts to resume his bankruptcy proceedings - and while the courts would likely permit that, it would be on an exceedingly short leash.

2). That day might come sooner than later as he tries to push his lawsuit with Skinner forward. I can imagine several scenarios there where the judge hearing that case might refuse to allow any arguments until Ross gets his bankruptcy sorted out, or hears the arguments about Patrick’s bag of random “precedents” and looks at Patrick’s bankruptcy file and goes “what the hell kind of crap is this?”.

CC said...

MgS: I have already been assured by my contact at the OSB that there is no way Patrick would be allowed to "resume" his bankruptcy in the sense of simply resuming his payments under the CDO. No chance. None. Not without paying a *massive* financial penalty to me for my legal costs incurred over the last few years. (Patrick already *tried* to resume his bankruptcy by starting up monthly payments to his former trustee a few years back -- the Court took no notice of that.)

More to the point, if Patrick were to somehow retain a new trustee, he would ***immediately*** be legally required to file all of the annual financial reports he's been ignoring all this time, as well as submit, under oath, a detailed list of all his after-acquired assets, which would include loans, gifts, inheritance, property and on, and on, and on, and if it was disclosed that he had received assets without reporting them or turning them over, well, that would constitute misconduct (see above).

But I'm sure Patrick has done his own research and would disagree. After all, he always knows better.

Anonymous said...

I think PR is hoping to outlive you, and is hoping that your estate will not pursue this with the same vigour. He would likely claim you can't libel a dead person, so then all his libels are not actionable any more and he would wave his arms and say therefore the case is moot and he should not only not pay, your estate should compensate him for his troubles.

CC said...

I don't have to outlive Patrick, I simply need to outlive his father, something looking more and more likely by the day.