Monday, July 04, 2022

*Sniff* ... goodbye, Madrid.

Hanging in the premium lounge at Madrid airport, sipping some bubbly for the next couple of hours and prepping for my 8.5 hour return flight in my personal comfort pod in first class, and with a couple slabs of Iberico ham safely stashed in my carry-on.

Life is good. You?

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Purple library guy said...

First time my wife and I were in Madrid, we bought some fresh bread, and we went to the Museo del Jamon and got some basic Serrano ham and some totally expensive Iberico ham and went and had a picnic. Did a taste test.
We could tell the difference, but were quite happy to find that we don't actually like the Iberico any BETTER. Serrano's really just as good, which saves us selling our kidneys for the top end Iberico stuff.