Sunday, July 31, 2022

The United People of Canada: None dare call it "influence peddling."

Not sure when this appeared but this seems to be a relatively new addition to the really vague website of "The United People of Canada":

Uh ... is it just me, or has the mission of TUPOC morphed from "We want to be a community-oriented space that is of benefit to the local citizens" to "We specifically picked this location for its political value and opportunity to get involved with politics and international relations"?

Man, that did not take long at all.


What on earth does that even say? With little effort, I could write something that was just as meaningless:

Over the last while, Canadians have disagreed about some different issues. We will be hosting a conversation where those people can come together to talk about things and stuff.

Can you honestly tell me what I wrote is any less informative?


"Many people and organizations from coast-to-coast, north to south, and within and around Ottawa have expressed their support for The Embassy of The United People of Canada in Ottawa."

Um ... they have? Who? Can we at least get some names?


MgS said...

I note the oddly-specific mention of First Nations in that first screed … and the thought that went through my head was “look - we’re trying to prove that we’re not racists”. I guarantee you that when their lawyers start coming after people for whatever they said on Twitter, that paragraph is going to get pulled out.

Anonymous said...

After they read about the HK exiles forming a government in exile, these guys want to do the same thing. More convenient to move into the former parliament buildings after the revolucion and installation of Queen Tamar.

Anonymous said...

"Mon 15 Aug
Bias in the Justice System: a Community Conversation - Part 1
Many people have expressed concerns regarding differential treatment in the justice system. The United People of Canada will be will be hosting a Community Conversation at The Embassy in Ottawa to provide an opportunity for the community to come together on a mission of truth-seeking and healing."

So is that the conversation that's going to be led by "someone from Adopt-A-Trucker"?

Anonymous said...

Pretty straightforward, really.
1) A corporation cloaking itself in mushy social social development language has acquired a six million dollar real estate asset in a prime downtown location.
2) They secured an investment, possibly in the form of a bond, from a professional investment advisor.
3) They are soliciting funds to add to the capital value of their investment, while trying to suggest that these funds are being used for social development.

What's not clear at this point is whether this is simply an attempt to buy and flip a prime downtown property while taking advantage of a not for profit status, or whether this is the establishment of a Freedom-related beach head to provide incubator-style support and a meeting/rallying space to associated groups. It could, of course, be both.

Anonymous said...

To MgS: They have chosen First Nations as their fig leaf to demonstrate that they're open to ALL communities.
Their first scheduled "community consultation" was supposed to be on "Reconciliation", chosen, I supposed, to capitalize on the Pope's visit.
I asked on their site what Indigenous leaders, organizations and communities they had consulted in offering to host a "conversation" on such a volatile topic. They acknowledged that they hadn't. Their contribution to the "conversation" was going to be to make space available if anyone wanted to organize something.
At the end of last week I inquired on their site how the week of "conversation" had gone. They indicated that nothing had actually happened, but there had been lots of "interest" and "support" from Indigenous leaders. I asked them to name one community or leader who had expressed support: crickets.
This is in contrast to their approach to their second planned "community conversation", dealing with "Freedom", and seeking to open a dialogue between the Freedom/Convoy movement and the people of Ottawa, who have been the victims of "misinformation" on the truckers et al. They appear to be taking a proactive role in scheduling and organizing events for that, including participation by "Adopt a Trucker", a convoy support team involving the woman who helped run the Ottawa "War Room".

MgS said...

@Anonymous 11:18AM:

Yeah - I had pretty much figured it would go that way. "Expression of interest" likely doesn't go much beyond talking to someone and them saying "oh really? that's interesting" as they walk off.