Saturday, July 30, 2022

Lauren Southern: "The Whole Truth." A painful bout of embarrassing self-indulgence.

Recent commenter leaves a comment that I am going to promote to a post almost verbatim (minor editing). And here goes:
Now, if Ezra were really thinking, they'd run TWO fundraisers: one to bail Sheila out, and the other to keep her locked up. I wonder which one would win? 
Speaking of throwing associates under the bus for a few pennies - has anyone else seen [ex-Rebeler] Lauren Southern's YouTube "documentary", "The Whole Truth?" Quick review with spoilers (I'm assuming no one minds spoilage in a product that hits the screen rotten to begin with): it may be the most interesting terrible documentary you've ever seen. 
Why terrible? Well, like Lauren herself, it's trite, self-indulgent, amateurish, and dishonest. Plated with a thin veneer of wide-eyed, tearful faux-repentance, it begins and ends with weepy "mea culpas" of the "how could I have misled you so?); but for the most part it's "here's what these scumbags are REALLY like." Why interesting? Because of the scumbags she defrocks.
These include ALL the right's favourite deities:
  • Ezra Levant, who, according to Southern, boots her off the Rebel for complaining that the infamous "Israel Investigation" was simply a pre-packaged tour with a Rebel propaganda overlay and some rants from Gavin.
  • Tommy Robinson, captured on video throwing a succession of associates and minions under the bus when scapegoats were needed to cover up his lies and acts of violence.
  • Faith Goldy, who emerges as hopelessly egocentric bully
  • Paul Joseph Watson, who embarks on a near-psychotic vendetta after she refuses to sleep with him
  • Milo Yiannopoulos. who comes across as more vicious, more opportunistic, and more dishonest than any of them. And that IS quite an achievement.
The "documentary" itself is laughable. It's almost three hours long, of which 90% consists of Lauren sitting in a forest glade (it actually looks like wallpaper in a Holiday Inn Coffee shop, but never mind) talking directly to the camera, pausing occasionally to gaze into the "sky" and dab away a tear of regret. I guess Lauren's painful self discovery will be of interest to anyone who ever took her seriously; for those of us who have always seen her as the naive dupe of charismatic far right exploiters, watching her come to the same conclusion about herself is just embarrassing.
Her sincerity throughout the whole enterprise is undermined by what she leaves out (yes, even at three hours, she left stuff out). Nothing about her racism and endorsement of White Replacement theory while in a mixed-race relationship. And although she calls for the right to be as critical of their own gods and pundits as they are of the right, she still appears to equate value of journalism with number of hits, and revels in her own success at "outraging" people.
After all this sturm and drang she still hasn't figured out that "advocacy journalism" isn't journalism at all. Still, it's a painful, boring, fascination must-watch for those of us with eyes on the snakepit.

Keep those cards and letters coming in, kids. 


Anonymous said...

I'm 30 minutes into that dross, and My brain is running out of my ears

If your associate watched the whole thing, that's some olympic level endurance.

On the plus side, my hearing is better than it ever was.

CC said...

That's about 25 minutes more than I lasted, but if there are particularly interesting bits you think I should watch, let me know.