Sunday, July 17, 2022

Who is "United People of Canada", and why do they need a church in Ottawa?

Cruising through my 'hood, and was made aware that some shadowy, amorphous group called "The United People of Canada" has set up shop in Saint Brigid's church in the Byward Market and is advertising Sunday BBQs to, apparently, get to know the locals or whatever the fuck it is they're doing.

Most disturbingly, if you check out their website, there is not a shred of information regarding who is behind this; rumours had it that the church was outright purchased by peopled associated with the "Freedom Convoy" as a base of operations and a staging area for further protests, but all evidence suggests the church is simply being leased, but that still does not even begin to explain the total lack of information about who's behind it.


UH OH ...

This does not bode well.

P.S. There is some serious dosh behind this grift factory, just take a look at the very professional merch and astronomical prices:

$45 for a water bottle? Someone is planning to make an assload of money off of this.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly they have a full line of clothing people can buy at eye-poppingly high prices, and the banners hanging between the columns on the church remind me of those favored in movies about Rome and featured in the many newsreels covering Nazi Party marches prior to WW2.

This site not only screams "cult" but also "right wing" cult at that.

Anonymous said...

Linked-In shows one Kimberley Ward in Ottawa, who appears to facilitate various weird self-help groups, including "Becoming a Contagious Christian".

William Komer appears to manage a vague assortment of multimedia projects.

Diane Nolan's self-description: "My position is: I am a workman approved by God. This is a volunteer position. I love sharing the Word of God! He came to set the captives free!"

CC said...

Should we start a pool as to when we see the first 4x4 sporting a Canadian flag and "Fuck Trudeau" banner in the parking lot?

Anonymous said...

Not sure it's about that. I'm seeing some kind of underplanned attempt to expand the services of the Ottawa market for William Komer's not very inspiring Campuscreative company.

However, if you want some real fun - CRA has just posted the 2021 Corporate return information for the Democracy Fund (which seems from their site to be slipping - no more upcoming events, no new publications.)

Interesting, including what appears to be a donation to a right wing American training/advocacy site, Mercury One in Irving Texas. Mercury One appears to be Glenn Beck's production company. How CRA justifies a charitable contribution to Glenn Beck...well, such are the mysteries, eh?

Anonymous said...

"Together, through appreciation and celebration of our unique culture and heritage..."

What exactly is unique about a white conservative's culture and heritage? Unless they mean in an "adding raisins to potato salad" type of way, where it's certainly unique, but not in a good way. No one wants raisins in their potato salad, Janet! Stop trying to make it happen!

Should we start a pool as to when we see the first 4x4 sporting a Canadian flag and "Fuck Trudeau" banner in the parking lot?

You mean that hasn't happened already?

Anonymous said...

Forget who is behind this thing, there isn't even any information on what the group is or does. No statement of values or beliefs. Just "we wanna get together for a BBQ in a respectful manner, si subscribe to our mailing list, and buy our overpriced merch."
You're right, it screams "grift" in every sense.

Anonymous said...

I see Alison's name has been stolen and misused.

J from Wpg

CC said...

"J from Wpg": Not sure what you mean by that -- are you saying that's not her Twitter account or blog URL? It seems to be.

MgS said...

Oh look - the fascists are setting up their infrastructure for the next occupation.

They can deny that this is connected to the Freedumb Convoy all they like, when the people boosting it are clearly connected, I think it’s fair to say that it’s exactly connected. The next go-round might not be a “convoy” occupation, but they are planning _somehting_.

I really hope CSIS/CSEC and the RCMP are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I had been following Alison's blog (Creekside) dating back to 2011 (one of the first political blogs I started following) until 2017, when she shifted more towards Twitter. Would be odd to have the name stolen and post similar things she was posting on her blog all these years.

On an somewhat unrelated note, I started following CC's blog/Twitter around a year later (2012) via Dawg's Blawg, where I first heard about good ol' Twatrick. For a period of time, CC made like Alison and concentrated on Twitter until they decided to ban him due to calling a certain Canadian Senator a twatwaffle. Sure, actual neo-Nazis can repeatedly post death threats without issue, but call a twatwaffle a twatwaffle? PERMANENT BAN! Gee, I wonder where all those "free speech warriors" were to defend CC's right to say what he wanted.[/sarcasm]

Well, at least CC's blog is still around, so we can keep up on what the wingnuts are up to. Not to mention the latest happenings of SeƱor Twatrick Rosshole.