Tuesday, July 19, 2022

How to deal with Jordan Peterson fan bois.

Given how Dr. Jordan B. Peterson trends on a regular basis, and given how many utterly unaccomplished and gullible incels still living at home consider Peterson to be such an intellectual giant, let me suggest a simple way of putting those enthusiastic acolytes in their places. (The following technique works particularly well with those intellectual children who have either just viewed a JBP lecture, or have just finished one of his massively valueless and unreadable pieces of dreck, and can't wait to share the good news with anyone who has no interest in hearing it.)

The instant some pathetic loser begins praising the dizzying intellect of Jordan Peterson, ask them to list for you one -- just one -- lesson they learned from Peterson and, further, get them to explain to you what it means to them; that is, demand that they demonstrate that they understand some point Peterson made, and insist that they prove they comprehend its ramifications. I guarantee what happens next will be tragically painful.

Chances are good what you'll hear will be sophomoric silliness: "I learned that I should clean my room." Terrific. That would be advice we were given as six-year-olds by our mothers -- not exactly the mark of a world-class thinker.

On the other hand, if said Peterson fan boi actually tries to explain one of Peterson's incomprehensible ravings, well, you're in for a treat as they will tie themselves in knots demonstrating they haven't the foggiest idea what it is they claim to so admire.

Go ahead, try it. I can assure you, the biggest fans of the good doctor are the same people who cannot, for the life of them, begin to explain what Peterson is talking about. But don't take my word for it -- give it a shot and let me know how it works out.

BONUS TRACK: Jordan Peterson's vacuous inanities reminds one of similar nonsense from New Age quack Deepak Chopra, whose aphorisms were so utterly meaningless that someone set up a website to generate random Deepak Chopra quotes that are indistinguishable from Chopra's rubbish.

If one pops over there and keeps refreshing, one is gifted with spiritual enlightenment like:

  • "The unpredictable is inside self-righteous chaos"
  • "Each of us co-creates sub-empirical mysteries"
  • "True faith is entangled in a symphony of external reality"

What is embarrassing is that if any of the above was uttered by Jordan Peterson, his legion of fan bois would trip over themselves lecturing you on the profundity of self-righteous empirical mysteries being unpredictably entangled in a symphony, or some such idiocy.

Or you could just go clean your fucking room.

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Anonymous said...

Deepak Chopra at least was relatively harmless in his grifting from gullible people looking for a feel-good narrative.
Peterson encourages disaffected young men to be assholes and dangerous to others in return for "wisdom" that he couldn't even follow himself.
Getting put into a coma in a sketchy Russian hospital in order to avoid the withdrawal from trying to beat an addiction to benzos? Mocking a covermodel and following it up by deadnaming a trans actor? The man is the definition of entitlement, lack of self-control and indulging in immature behavior.