Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Wherein I take gentle exception with James Bowie about collection strategy.

Recently, local lawyer James Bowie opined on the legal stomping of malicious defamer Chelsea Hillier, and responded to queries about how one should collect with the following:

As I have extensive experience chasing and collecting from undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross, I would suggest changing the order of the above. That is, do not start with any garnishment attempts, etc; rather, go straight for the last point -- file to drag Chelsea Hillier's sorry defamatory ass into court and force her to disclose, under oath, everything there is to know about her finances.

Going right for the Notice of Examination would allow the Plaintiff to collect all sorts of valuable information, not just for subsequent collection, but to deal with the ugly situation of Hillier suddenly deciding to file for bankruptcy to escape her financial obligations, as all that information could be helpful in objecting to a filing for bankruptcy by showing that the Defendant has plenty of assets and should not be entitled to the protection of bankruptcy. But I will have one more observation related to this I will make later today that I think might be of interest in case the topic of bankruptcy becomes an actual possibility.

So ... stick around.

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RossOwesDay said...

We will speculate that Chelsea Hillier's assets are linked to her idiot father Randy Hillier. Randy might be in business with some shady folks.

Might be interesting and worthwhile to pursue this possibility.