Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: A matter of surety.

I'll keep this short as I'm in the midst of a busy week so let's cut to the chase and address the latest nonsensical application from Lloydminster's Patrick Ross in his ludicrous defamation action against Peter Skinner.

While Patrick argues that, even as an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, he still has the right to file this action, what he continually avoids is the issue of surety -- that he will almost certainly be required to pony up an assload of cash to prosecute this action.

The matter of surety is quite independent of Patrick's standing to sue, and given Patrick's long and well-documented history of refusing to obey court orders and refusing to pay cost awards, to the point where I was forced to initiate collection proceedings against him and even start garnishment proceedings to collect the $100K+ that he owes me, the probability is overwhelming that the Court will insist that Patrick front a lot of cash before this action is allowed to proceed.

Even worse, once that happens and if Patrick does somehow come up with the money, I can assure you I will be there to demand to know where it came from and why he did not turn it over to me.

All of this promises to be interesting. That is all. 


Anonymous said...

Pat's non-payment of cost orders would incline the court to make an order for security for costs. However, if a third party were to agree to pay costs, say dear old Dad and his GoFundMe page, the order for security would be made against them. In that case, CC wouldn't be able to argue a prior claim to the money. Watch for this manoeuvre, it's all he's got.

RossOwesDay said...

Once, Twatrick started his own "Anti-CC" GoFundMe. I don't think he got a single donation. I wish I took a screenshot!

Anonymous said...

I expect he'll be paying it all of the massive royalties he'll be receiving for that Netflix 8 part bioflick.

RogueNerdOne said...

Patrick has a GoFundMe page now?

Anonymous said...

No idea. That was just hypothetical spitballing and certainly not legal advice.

CC said...

Anon @ 10:03 AM: It's possible that Patrick can find someone to front him 10 or 20 thousand dollars for surety, but from what I've heard, that entire family is totally fucking fed up with Patrick's self-destructive (and expensive) stupidity, and few of them are even talking to him anymore.

In any event, if he's working (which he is) and yet has his surety covered by someone else, I will still step in and garnish his wages so that he can't offer to eventually cover someone else paying his bills out of his salary.

I don't care what sort of bullshit Patrick tries -- I know all of his tricks by now and he's not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

He is hoping the convoy funders will save him because he is fighting for freedom too.

Del Esau said...

He had one.
From himself I believe.