Thursday, March 03, 2022

This is what it's come to.

Sure, Vladimir Putin launched a massive military operation and is shelling cities, indiscriminately killing civilians, but Justin Trudeau is the real fascist:

How do even have a conversation with someone that fucked up?


Anonymous said...

You can't have conversations with people that devoid of reality.

Sadly this is about 1/3 of the Canadian population poisoned by Conservatism, right-wing extremism and our own little quislings.

Culling is not an option.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a point where I'm not sure which is worse...the increasingly pro-fascist conservatives, or the self-professed "moderates" in our society who hear this and say "this is someone whose opinions are just as important and worthy of respectful consideration as scientists and people who think wearing a mask to protect public health is probably a good thing."

Anonymous said...

This is yet another example of the pathological craving that right-wingers have for balancing the books. If someone on the right did something bad, then there must be a similar example on the left. So if Putin on the right is accused of abusing human rights, then Trudeau, who they imagine to be on the left, must have done the same or worse. If Harper was mocked for hiding in a closet, then that's exactly the same as Trudeau refusing to meet with terrorists in Ottawa. The balance sheet must zero out regardless of the facts.

The media have very successfully trained people to reflexively assume that "both sides do it," so it doesn't matter how bad or how violent the right has become.

Anonymous said...

It's always hilarious reading posts like that, given how the Trucknutters were actually treated compared to some other protests. Even more hilarious given what happened here in Manitoba. As far as I can tell, no fines, arrests, or impounding of vehicles occurred out of the blockades/protests in Winnipeg and the border town of Emerson. In fact, the only detainments that happened (temporary as they were) were a couple of Indigenous counterprotesters in Winnipeg who the coppers claimed they did it "for their safety" because they "appeared intoxicated". I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

If Trudeau were anything like Putin, as this knob claims, the likes of Rex Murphy and Conrad Black would be publishing their gobbledygook in an underground newsletter/newspaper, and if captured, they'd be given a free one-way ticket flight out of a high-rise building's window. Instead, they spew their sundowning, fecal-laced ramblings in publications seen/read Canada-wide like the National Post without any government officials batting an eye. But you know, those poor, oppresed conservatives.