Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Oh, this should be fun.

Here's the assurance from Rebel News regarding lawyer Chad Williamson:

"...will be representing all truckers ..."? Really? All righty, then ...

Take it away, Chad. I look forward to Ezra Levant and Rebel News defending the freedom and liberty of white people to be packing major firepower. I'm guessing a $12 million fundraiser is not far behind.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, and I know you don't like to actually have people watching Rebel Shows. But their latest feature may be the most jaw-droppingly, cringeworthy example of a terrible idea hideously conceived and horribly executed by the Rebel since they sent their resident stripper to read Wikipedia entries on Notre Dame Cathedral for three days days (while posting shots of herself dining, touring and partying in Paris on her Instagram site.)
Imagine Dave Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid chatting after one of their painful noon-time recaps of Rebel talking points in which Dave wanders off on spittle-flecked, eye-rolling tangents and Sheila grimly tries to look as though she's paying attention.
So Dave must have said to Sheila - Hey, despite all the semi-literete, inexperienced zoomers we're "mentoring", we're just not tapping into the next generation of donors. Especially the broads, you know?
And Sheila must have said - what if we got two bright, educated, articulate, witty, attractive young women to do what we do? You know, sit and spiel out all the usual lines without any real research or insight, but with lots of fake bonhomie and attempted witty banter?
And Dave must have said: Awesome idea. But where will we find two bright, educated, articulate, witty, attractive young women who are right wing enough to do that?
And Sheila must have said: Okay, you're right. Forget the bright, educated, articulate, witty, and attractive bit. We'll just find a couple of dim conservatives chicks with enough ego and the blissful ignorance required to pull it off.
What's not to love?
And that, I'm sure, is how "Miss Understood" was born, a hilariously horrible attempt to capture the Young Ladies market, with all the sizzle of a bowl of snot and the sparkling banter of a financial audit meeting, hosted by two Dave/Sheila surrogates whose chemistry and charisma rival that of Andrew Scheer.
You NEED to watch it once, although you will never, never watch it again. I honestly cannot for the life of my think of ANYONE in the world this show would appeal to.

CC said...

Anon: I did not have to read past "jaw-droppingly cringeworthy" to know you were referring to "Miss Understood." Seriously, I got there and went, "Miss Understood." That's how good I am.

Anonymous said...

Pretty darned special, ain't it? So far after 4 shows, they're only received two comments that aren't spam, both from older men, one of which is a plaintive "I have to PAY for this?"
Worst Rebel Product Ever, with the possible exception of Gavin McInnes's nails-on-chalkboard unfunny appearances as his own dumb lefty twin.

CC said...

Anon: Conservatives seem singularly incapable of humour on any level, probably because they have such an ugly streak of hatred running through them that they inevitably descend into nastiness. One might recall Erin O'Toole's apparent attempt at funny, wherein he pointed at a Porta-Potty and described it as Justin Trudeau's next office. He clearly thought that was hilarious; it was just childish and cringeworthy.

I am unaware of any decent right-wing comedians.

Del Esau said...

Pierre Poilievre.
Or is he the punch line?

Anonymous said...

G&M: The Christchurch massacre may have had a Canadian connection – but there’s a reason you may not know about it


Anonymous said...

Wow. ^ Rebel will no doubt use its "democracy fund" to pay the $25k fine for suppressing the Christchurch shooter story. Now there's Brenton Tarrant, Darren Osborne in the UK, Matthew Raymond in NB, Faith Goldy's live 2-shooter coverage of the Quebec mosque 1-shooter massacre following Trump's EO 13769 on 28 Jan 2017, followed up 2 Feb by Kellyanne Conway's fictional bowling green massacre about refugees, which Rebel doggedly has followed up on for years with its Roxham Road clamor. Dylan Roof's Rhodesian and SA jacket patches were sold online by the likes of Keean Bexte.

What exactly is their side of the story.