Thursday, March 24, 2022

Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

Anonymous commenter brings to my attention ...

Read the whole thing where, interestingly, there is nary a mention of Ezra Levant, Rebel News, The Democracy Fund or Chad Williamson offering to step in and help.

I'm sure you're shocked.

CC HQ reader challenge: One suspects there are way more folks who are coming to regret their participation in the above idiocy; specifically, I'm interested in stories from anyone who played along, got fined or ticketed, and applied to Rebel News/The Democracy Fund for that promised "free" legal representation, and how that turned out. If you have a story, drop me a note at

NO, THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR SYMPATHY: While it's tempting to feel sorry for Anglehart as just another clueless mark who never really thought this through, that sympathy would be misplaced based solely on this snippet:

Quite simply, after the siege of Ottawa was declared illegal, Anglehart had four full days to pack up his shit and get out of town. He chose to stick around and continue breaking the law. The end.


Anonymous said...

Guy claims he never had "a stance on mandates" but donated his life savings to the truckers and even washed the skidmarks out of their underwear. No stance my eye!

Anonymous said...

Here's the part I don't get:

"From Jan. 28 to Feb. 14, bank statements provided to CBC show Anglehart transferred thousands of dollars and spent thousands more at a gas station near Coventry Road — where he was stationed for the majority of the protest."

So he wasn't just transferring fuel to the truckers, he was BUYING it for them? But all these truckers were bragging about how they were being reimbursed for their expenses. Did it not occur to Anglehart to think this was strange? Jesus Christ, what a mark.

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Anonymous said...

FluTruxKlansman Pat King's now facing 10 charges:
- two counts of intimidation
- two of obstructing police
- one of mischief
- one of counselling to commit mischief
- one of counselling to obstruct police - one of counselling to intimidation
- one of disobeying a court order, and
- one of counselling to disobey a court order.

He's looking at a 5-year stretch on the intimidation charge if the Crown decides to indict him, and with his prior convictions they may just go for it. Co-leaders Lich and Barber also got charges added today, so jail time for these clowns is looking more and more likely.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this guy. Here's his site.

Listened to him being interviewed on iheartradio - he was lonely, he is not too bright, he wanted to be a part of something.
Now he's living in his rented car with cancer.