Sunday, March 06, 2022


Take it easy, boys, you'll want to pace yourselves ...

Yup, the vaunted cross-country Peoples' Convoy has arrived outside of DC, and today they will unleash the full fury of millions of angry truckers by ... circling the city twice on a Sunday morning, then high-tailing their sorry, cowardly asses back across state lines before they get arrested because, at the moment, emotions in DC are still a bit raw from the last angry, right-wing insurrection that ended with a dead police officer, and heavily-armed DC cops are in no mood to put up with whiny manbabies too chickenshit to get a vaccination shot.

Have a fun drive back to Oklahoma, you degens.

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MgS said...

… and notably, this lot don’t seem to be willing to try a occupying a major urban centre. (Although from what we’ve seen, they don’t have that level of organization or cohesion.)