Monday, March 28, 2022

And now you know why Ezra isn't a lawyer anymore.

The downside to Ezra Levant having surrendered his law license to avoid sanctions from the Law Society of Alberta is that we were deprived of the pants-pissing hilarity of watching Ezra make arguments like this in open court:

We will never appreciate the entertainment value we missed.


Anonymous said...

Randy Hillier is to surrender himself today to Ottawa police, not "Trudeau's police." If Hillier were darker than a paper bag, he would have been cuffed and stuffed in the back of a cruiser.

Chances are very good that Hillier will walk out under his own recognizance or be released on bail this morning, in other words, he won't be jailed. Like Lich, I expect he'll be charged with counselling mischief for his tweet encouraging people to flood the OPS with calls. In other words, he's facing the consequences of being an asshole, not his political beliefs.

Anonymous said...

CBC's reporting that Hillier's now facing 9 charges, including obstructing and assaulting an officer. I wonder how those relate to his political beliefs.