Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The cost of douchebagitude.

Pursuant to a suggestion from my coruscating Saskatchewan lawyer, I am directing the SK sheriffs in charge of collection enforcement against Lloydminster's Patrick "Kid Cash yadda yada yadda ..." Ross to begin an investigation into Saskatchewan Government Insurance records, which allegedly is one avenue to determining someone's current employment and employment history. It's not clear what the cost of this search will be but, as I have mentioned before, it does not overly concern me since all costs incurred by the sheriffs in the enforcement of this collection are passed on to Patrick in one of two ways.

First, each time the sheriffs make a collection attempt, if they recover enough to cover their current fees, they simply take it and hand over what is left, thereby clearing the books of outstanding charges. On the other hand, if they can't take anything, they add the cost of that attempt to my balance, I pay it, but it is still added to Patrick's outstanding debt, which will be collected at some point. In short, in the end, I don't pay for this -- Patrick is (ironically and hilariously) ultimately saddled with the costs of having his own assets taken from him.

So far, those costs are in the neighbourhood of two thousand dollars and are increasing relentlessly all the time as long as enforcement proceedings are active, which means that, on top of the $500/month or so of accruing interest on the outstanding $100K judgment, Patrick is also being whacked with another two or three hundred per month in collection fees. Bottom line: Patrick is currently taking seven to eight hundreds dollars per month (possibly more depending on what other searches I order), and is simply lighting it on fire.

None of any of this should surprise you.

P.S. If I eventually identify Patrick's current employer (if he even has one, given how he is utterly unemployable anywhere in Lloydminster based on his reputation), then I will add garnishment proceedings against Patrick on top of current collection proceedings; I have no idea how that would work but it will be fun to figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Given how much Patrick is throwing away every month, I don't understand why he's never offered to sit down and at least discuss some sort of settlement. I expect that any sort of settlement would be expensive, but it would at least resolve his financial situation so that he had a fixed value of what he had to pay, rather than this increasing debt. Are you saying he's never been open to a settlement offer?

CC said...

Anon: Back in 2012, just outside a courtroom in Calgary, Patrick told my then-lawyer that he had absolutely no intention to ever pay me anything, and he's been true to his word ever since (other than the money I have recently started to take from him by force).

I have no idea what Patrick's long-term plan is here, as I can assure you there is, at this point, no way he can get out of bankruptcy without either paying me what he owes me in full, or coming to a settlement agreement (which he has made clear is never going to happen).

In short, Patrick seems happy to remain an undischarged bankrupt for the rest of his life, and all I'm going to do is wait for the inevitable, then swoop in and seize whatever Patrick thinks he is going to collect as his inheritance when his remaining parent passes away.

In the meantime, his debt to me is increasing by over $500 per month, and we'll see what it stands at when he finally has to pay the piper.

RogueNerdOne said...

I'm going to have more to add to this saga shortly. While I've been silent for the last few weeks while taking care of my Mother after a knee surgery, I've been busy getting my ducks in a row.

The amount of libel Patrick's spread about me in just the last 6 months is astounding. 238 different times since July 2021 he's lied about me or my business.

The great thing is Patrick will have to pay off Robert before he starts to pay me the damages I'm going to seek. Patrick's going to have to justify why in one action he feels he's worth $1 million dollars, and the other he'll feign poverty and mental health issues. It's the Patrick way. I can't wait to hear his legal gymnastics on that one.

I no longer worried about Patrick's action against me. It's dead in the water and waiting for the OSB sharks to come snatch him. Now I'm going to make sure every time he says my name, the road runner is going to come out of nowhere to drop a fucking anvil on him.