Monday, March 14, 2022

Chronicles of Twatrick: The arguing in bad faith continues.

Numerous media outlets have reported on the staggering financial losses inflicted on numerous downtown Ottawa businesses by the idiotic "Freedom Convoy"

But it falls to (who else?) undischarged bankrupt and man currently evading the law Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen to mock all those whiny, leftie, Libtard snowflakes who ... oh, hell, just read the stupidity:

Yes, that's all it was ... some truckers in a hot tub. Now you know what "bad faith" means.

P.S. Read the entire thread to really and truly understand the dishonesty of some peoples' rules of engagement. And, no, we're not done here.


MgS said...

I see Patrick has been hanging out in the dumber/seedier parts of prairie politics lately. In this case - Maverick Party level dumb, with an added side of stupid for no particular good reason.

If anything, that entire sequence was basically a lesson in how conservatives have spent 4 decades sowing rage and anger in Y’Allberda in order to “secure a conservative heartland”.

CC said...

MgS: What is amusing is that, if Alberta truly seceded/separated from Canada, then it would technically be a foreign country, and all of those Alberta truckers would be subject to cross-border vaccine mandates just leaving the province. I'm guessing that never occurred to them.

CC said...

MgS: By the way, the evidence is compelling that Patrick is working very, very hard to establish himself as some sort of online, right-wing media personality, almost certainly in the hope that some horrifically bad but Russian-funded dumpster fire of a news service picks him up to spew hard-right propaganda.

At last count, Patrick has two Twitter accounts, two blogs, a Facebook page, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel, and it's safe to say no normal person does that without having, as a goal, developing an audience. On top of that, Patrick's punditry is so mind-crushingly bad that it's only purpose for existence is to attract the attention of some sort of hideously dishonest propaganda outlet who thinks his drivel might be valuable.

This is all speculation, of course, but Patrick did admit, once upon a time, that he would be open to writing for Rebel News (where his dishonest swill would fit right in). Or there's always True North Centre, or The Post Millennial, although I suspect even *those* outlets have higher standards than Patrick.

Oh, and there's that recently-announced Netflix documentary about him, whose only possible purpose would be to get even more attention in the hope of latching on to some awful Fox News equivalent. Honestly, I don't see that happening, but Patrick doesn't seem to be hiding his career goal of being the next David Menzies. Or Brian Lilley. Or Andrew Lawton.

MgS said...

There would be a certain irony in garnisheeing Patrick’s wages from The Rebel while Ezra’s trying to sue you for defamation.

As for ‘audience building’, his two twitter accounts are barely more than my personal twitter account has (and I don’t try to “build audience”), and nowhere near the levels of far right idiots like Bexte.