Wednesday, March 16, 2022

How to bone your credibility up the backside in 10 minutes or less.


I'm guessing Charest agreed to an interview with True North Centre's Andrew Lawton because no one was answering the phones at Stormfront or Soldiers of Odin.


Anonymous said...

Charest’s handlers totally screwed up on this one.


MgS said...

I won’t say that Charest made a mistake here - as a prospective leader, you go where the party base hangs out.

… but frankly, I’ll be surprised if either Charest or Brown break 10% support within the party, and between them, they’ll split whatever’s left of the “moderate” wing, allowing the QAnon crowd to take over entirely.

With any luck, Charest and Brown will continue to embolden the party’s lunatic fringe to attack them, and turn off the majority of Canadians while the party fractures along factional lines.

Purple library guy said...

I've seen it suggested that Charest may not be planning to win, but rather to throw support to Brown at a strategic moment. Apparently the two are friends.

MgS said...

@Purple library guy:

That’s a very interesting speculation. Do you think the party actually has a focus on making inroads in urban ON and QC, or would these two candidacies represent window dressing intended to make the party look more “rational” than its prairie populist (fascist) roots?

Purple library guy said...

@MgS As to that, I have no idea. Although we shouldn't kid ourselves--both flavours of Conservatism have some appeal in both Ontario and Quebec. Exhibit A, Doug Ford is the premier of Ontario, and he has a toe dipped in both camps. And in Quebec, while it seems a poor fit, there is a deep vein of racism (just like anywhere else in Canada I guess, just with francophone characteristics); it's partly but not entirely a co-incidence that the leader of the PPC is Quebecois.

It seems ridiculous when I say it because the man is such a buffoon, but Doug Ford could probably unite the Conservative party and win a Canadian election. Lucky thing for us he doesn't seem to be interested.