Monday, March 14, 2022

Dear "Freedom Convoy": How are those reimbursements coming?

Is anyone keeping track of the promised expense reimbursements that would be handed out to idiot participants in the "Freedom Convoy," some of who drove literally cross-country to (in some cases) get ticketed, fined, charged and possibly had their trucking licenses revoked and rigs seized?

Seriously, given the dollars in play here, is anyone looking into whether any of these morons actually got a cheque? Or is there any indication that some of these marks are finally cluing in to how they were scammed?

P.S. Given that that cross-country trek in no way represents a billable load being delivered, what are the legalities involved in trying to expense fuel and accommodations against the trucking company? Would that be legal?


Purple library guy said...

Huh. OK, indulge me in a weird theory thing for a moment. I think modern, free-marketeer-style fascism is fundamentally weaker than the old fashioned kind was. The thing is that along with all the fascism stuff, and just as important, there is this me-first-at-all-costs ideology, the worship of the "entrepreneurial spirit" or whatever. Lying, cheating and stealing to get ahead, stepping on everyone else if that's what it takes to stand taller--consider that their version of "freedom" is "unlimited self-indulgence even at everyone else's expense".
The thing is, that means they will all cheerfully betray their own people to make a buck, or at the non-leadership level it means they will do something else the moment being involved feels like a downer in any way. Old timey fascism was capable of getting people, at least the kind who weren't "the enemy", to all pull together and even make sacrifices (in the service of evil, but details, details). The new marketroid version can't do that, so it's likely to be unstable.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I can't help but wonder how many voided their commercial truck insurance by using the vehicle for a non-work related purpose.