Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The grift that is Rebel News: Once again, I called it.

It was almost a week ago that I pondered openly about why so many of the Coutts blockade defendants were showing up in court without legal representation after Ezra Levant and Rebel News collected $57.2 million under the pretext of making sure all of those charged would get a lawyer free of charge. In particular, I was curious about whether the promise of a free legal beagle extended to those who were charged with serious weapons violations.

Fast forward to today, and the following e-mail I just received from Rebel News 11-year-old cub reporter Sydney Fizzard (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

On February 14, while the Coutts border blockade was in full swing, the RCMP seized guns and made thirteen arrests in the surrounding area from a group of individuals they claimed were part of a criminal organization.

The blockade was a peaceful demonstration organized to protest vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions and lasted from January 29 to February 15.

It brought most cross-border traffic along the Alberta-Montana border and parts of the Alberta economy to a stand-still and drew significant worldwide attention. It undoubtedly put politicians like Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in the hot seat for continuing to push unconstitutional and unscientific pandemic restrictions on an unwilling public.

Once the blockade demonstrators found out there were potentially violent individuals within the region of Coutts, they called off the blockade and expressly advocated that violence was not on the docket and that peaceful resolution was paramount to their success.

Last week, some of the accused appeared at the Lethbridge courthouse along with a crowd of supporters who showed up outside.

I spoke with the protesters and later got a legal update from Chad Williamson, the lawyer we hired thanks to the donations we received at TruckerLawyer.ca to represent some of the arrested individuals. (To be clear: Chad is not representing anyone facing conspiracy charges, they have retained their own counsel).

And there you have it, kids ... all that grift, only to leave the most seriously-charged on their own and dealing with their substantial legal bills.

I'm sure you're shocked.


Anonymous said...

Not really. If I were looking at time in the pen on conspiracy and weapons charges, I'd want someone more senior than Chad in my corner. I'd also want a criminal law specialist, not a guy like Chad who's a legal jack of all trades, master of none. Chad's website has him down as a real estate, tort, corporate and estate lawyer, oh and he'll also defend you on criminal charges. Thanks Ezra, but no thanks.

CC said...

I agree that Chad's bio suggests I wouldn't trust him to represent me for a ticket for parking too far away from the curb. That doesn't take away from the fact that Ezra and Der Rebel promised legal representation for *everyone* who was charged at that blockade, and they are now back-pedaling furiously from that promise while keeping all the cash.

In the end, Rebel News and The Democracy Fund grifted $128.4 million to defend a handful of parking tickets. It's a great gig if you can get it.