Tuesday, March 15, 2022

You'd think, as a former lawyer, he'd understand this.

Um ...

"And, sure, I was ticketed for driving 83 km/h through a 40 km/h school zone but, six months later, that school was closed down and that's not a school zone anymore, so why do I still have to pay this ticket? And, OK, maybe I had sex with a minor two years ago, but she turned 18 last week so what's the problem here?"

The stupid ... it burns.


Anonymous said...

His lack of legal smarts is why he's now a former lawyer. Former lawyer sounds so much better than disbarred lawyer, which was the alternative.

MgS said...

Grifters gonna grift - Levant and Pawlowski are both grifters - and everything they do is self-indulgent play-acting so they can internet-panhandle for cash.

Put them together, and well … facts don’t matter to either of them very much, so …

Anonymous said...

It's a perfect example of mutual parasitism.
Artur's anti-gay/anti-Muslim street confrontations were enough to gain him the occasional headline as one of the Rebel menagerie of bit players. But those are messages with real potential for hate crime charges, so Ezra and Dave had to tread carefully and use him sparingly.
I don't know who came up with the idea of rebranding hims as a COVID/Free Speech/Christian martyr, but it's been a very thorough rebranding; not a word of racist, homophobic lunacy in two years that might interfere with the new gravitas. The new character had a bit of a rocky debut: those first scenes with Artur screaming insults at police did NOT play well. But the Rebel quickly figured it out. Let Artur maintain a dignified, suffering manner while resisting arrest, and let his brother/sycophants shriek at the police instead.
Like the trucker's convoy, it was an initially good idea simply from an advocacy/fundraising perspective. Like the convoy, however, it's definitely got a best before date, and that has LONG passed. The string of near-identical provoked, theatrical arrests have become comical self-parodies (even the cops were chuckling during the last one), and I can't imagine even the thickest of the rubes Ezra keeps milking are going to keep buying ammunition for this series of self-inflicted wounds.
Equally probable - Ezra's ego doesn't leave a lot of oxygen in the room, and he tends to simply dump the players who demand a little too much attention, money, or oversight, or who become a little too embarrassing. Hear much from Tommy Robinson these days? Gavin McInnes? Faith Goldie? Lauren Southern?