Thursday, March 31, 2022

Why Canada's right-wing "media" is not ... media.

Wherein Keean "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" Bexte unintentionally says the quiet part out loud:

I am going to give federal lawyers some free advice because, let's be honest, they are some of the dumbest clowns on the planet, and when worthless hacks like Bexte and Ezra Levant and Andrew Lawton sued elections commissioners to allow them into the debates as actual journos, well, when I saw those lawyers' submissions to the court  to keep them out (which flopped miserably, as they should have), I thought to myself, "Holy shit, those federal lawyers are some of the dumbest clowns on the planet."

And given that this is going to happen again, I can at least suggest to those dumbass lawyers that they take a screenshot of the above, wherein Bexte openly brags about "the damage [he and others] did to [Trudeau]," making it excruciatingly clear that Bexte is not acting as a journalist, but as a hatchet man.

If federal lawyers can't make a case against White Power Boy Bexte with that blatant admission of being not a journalist but an anti-Trudeau attack dog, then they should ask for a refund from whatever strip mall law school and laundromat gave them their law degrees.

P.S. There's actually a much simpler and more compelling argument the federal lawyers could have made, but that's for another post.

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