Wednesday, March 16, 2022

That doesn't SOUND like Ezra.

Yes, I know there's quite the buzz about Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant having sued someone to keep them from suggesting that Rebel News' relentless, hate-soaked, genocidal, white nationalist, anti-Muslim rhetoric might be responsible for the violent murder of dozens of people worldwide and, sure, it makes for great schadenfreude to poke fun at him but, seriously, I find that story hard to believe given Ezra's perpetual self-promotion as a champion of free speech and free expression.

I mean, come on ... how hypocritical would you have to be to constantly hold yourself out as an unabashed, unconditional, fierce protector of freedom and liberty and free speech and libertidinous speechification and speecherific freedomitude and libertastic speechapalooza, only to turn around and sue the ever-living fuck out of every single person who criticized you? Really, can anyone believe that Ezra Levant, even being the unprincipled, racist, Muslim-bashing, anti-immigrant train wreck of a dumpster fire of an utter piece of trash human being that he is, would be that vindictively hypocritical?

*Checks notes*.

Uh, never mind. Carry on.

HILARIOUSLY, Ezra and friends are putting on a conference this very evening where, apparently, Ezra and friends will decry the current toxic culture of ... oh, read it:

You can't make this stuff up. You just can't.

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Anonymous said...

Ezra can't even fulfill his self-proclaimed primary objective ("free speech"), which is the kicker. I'd be interested in reading his many probable NDAs with Rebel associates. Non-disclosure agreements do not strike me as very freedomy or journalistic either.

As for violence, Alek Minassian the incel murderer in Toronto was also radicalized online, ie the Rebel/Gavin McInnes/Proud Boys incel movement and forums. Heck, even Conservative MP Dane Lloyd has feminazi comments on record. It's no wonder people get a bit squeamish when an organizer of the convoy Pat King said it'll be solved with bullets. It often is.