Tuesday, March 22, 2022

How stupid is Candice Bergen?

Jesus freaking God ...

Dear Candice: You're absolutely right -- Canadians did not vote for an NDP government. They also did not vote for a Liberal government. And unlike what that bottom-dwelling snake and perpetual grifter Pierre Poilievre keeps insisting, Canadians did not vote for a Prime Minister.

Canadians voted for a local MP to represent them in Parliament, nothing more. How is it that you do not understand how elections work?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, her audience understands less than she does. A lot were shocked when they couldn't find Trump's name on the ballot last time. Judging from Candy's fetish for MAGA ballcaps, she may even have been one of them.

CC said...

Frankly, if the Liberals had a sense of humour, they should do a series of public service announcements, riffing off of Skippy's "Pierre Poilievre for PM," and encourage conservative voters in the next federal election to *specifically* vote for Poilievre with their ballot, and if they can't find his name, they should write it in. Seriously, if I was Justin Trudeau, I'd be suggesting that strategy on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Good strategy. Since my mom put me down as POA over her finances, I put a stop to her monthly Con donations. But even her dementia didn't stop the local Con MP driving her to the polls last time. She can barely make an X these days, so writing a foreign name like Pierre Poilievre would be out of the question. A spoiled ballot would be the inevitable result.

Ramirezplayer said...

Check out Bergen's bio,her background is in the financial sector, she was a bank teller.

Nothing wrong with that but the spin is ridiculous

Del Esau said...

I said this on another, nameless, social media platform.
- Three more years, at least, of decent government. (I didn't say good because let's face it, whatever team you vote for they will piss you off at some point.)
2- Three years for the Cons to develop policies that they can share with us. (Like that's going to happen.)
3- Three more years for Canada to fall in love with everyone's favourite mouthpiece nazi, Little Pee Pee Poilievre. (I meant expose the little prick for what he is. A racist gas bag in his graduation suit.)
And Maga Candy?
Well, she has some damn nice sheets to take home as a parting gift.

Purple library guy said...

So presumably according to her the Conservatives would never go around doing things to gain or hold onto power. In which case, maybe they should get out of politics, where gaining power so you can accomplish your political objectives is kind of what you're supposed to do.

Well, either that or they're just being lying hypocrites as usual and would do anything to maintain power given the chance, up to and including proroguing parliament to duck a no-confidence vote.

Brian Busby said...

Much as I'd like to believe that Candice Bergen is using the word "coalition" so as to inflame the ignorant CPC base, I am not convinced she understands the meaning herself.

Is it any wonder that Flora MacDonald, the best leader the PCs never had, fought so hard against the Alliance take-over of her party?

Anonymous said...

They already have the talking points in the House, MP from Peterborough was telling of seniors eating dog food because gas is too expensive and when will the Liberal NDP government think of the children who can't get rides to hockey.