Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Remind me again how "The Democracy Fund" is a registered charity.

As we have before, we will express continuing amazement that the fundraising arm of Rebel News, "The Democracy Fund", is a registered CRA charity eligible to hand out charitable tax receipts, even though it is clearly collecting money for purposes that do not even remotely match its mandate of, among other things, funding strategic litigation, as opposed to run-of-the-mill parking tickets and noise bylaw violations and the like.

These days, over at TDF, one finds a top-level tab, "Resources", which leads one to a single sub-topic:  "Trucker Law." Where one reads:

And what is TDF offering? Ooooooh, free legal representation for, again, totally innocuous misdemeanors like parking tickets and noise violations and so on and so on:

Which, as one can see, in no way even comes close to qualifying as "strategic litigation", and yet ... and yet ... why, yes, you can still get a tax receipt:

And why Canada Revenue Agency tolerates this total scam is, quite simply, beyond me. Perhaps someone can ask them.

P.S. Perhaps the best part of this is toward the bottom of that page, where TDF makes it clear they'll do whatever they want with your money:

So ... there's that.


MgS said...

I would really like to see TDF's books. I'm guessing there's some large transfers from The Rebel ... but never any more than is needed to cover lawyer's fees/salaries.

... and conveniently, Ezra gets to write those transfers off at The Rebel's side of things as "donations", while maintaining enough control over at TDF to decide which/how many cases actually get taken on.

Anonymous said...

I think the flow runs the other way.

I think the Rebel promotes donations to TDF under multiple different headings - the truckers, vaccine resistance, constitutional challenges, blah blah.

One of TDF's funding streams seems designed specifically to then redirect money back to the Rebel as funding for training, development, mentorship, and of course all the expenses that go along with delivering that kind of "Training."

CC said...

MgS: I had already thought of that skulduggery -- that donations directly to Rebel are not eligible for tax receipts, but what stops Rebel from donating the entire amount to TDF, then getting a honking big tax receipt for it? It's just the registered charity version of money laundering if it's what is happening.