Friday, February 05, 2021

What is that pathetic, girlish sobbing ... oh, wait, it's just Keean.

Apparently, Rebel News' in-house Nazi paraphernalia pitchman Keean Bexte is about to find out what life is like on the other side of the deposition microphone:

AFTERSNARK: This is the level of burning stupid we're dealing with ... the scoop that a company happens to be in the same building as (gasp! horrors!) another company.

The mind reels.
BONUS TRACK: If anyone doesn't think Dominion Voting has a plausible defamation action against Rebel News' in-house Nazi memorabilia authority Keean Bexte, they might want to peruse this for a few minutes. I would take screenshots, just in case. [UPDATE, APRIL 19, 2023: It is clear that all of Keean's libelous accusations against Dominion Voting Systems have been deleted from his Twitter timeline.]

MORE SWEET CRUNCHY GOODNESS: If you want to know just what a useless, unethical, unprincipled piece of human garbage Keean Bexte is as a journalist, well, let's just peruse his track record, shall we?

Here's Keean, having to walk back his rubbish last November 18:

Hilariously, this comes only one day after yet another humiliating mea culpa:

When it comes to evidence of defamation from that little weasel, the phrase "embarrassment of riches" comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, initially posted this to the wrong thread.

Our favourite blustery little albino frat-boy was also recently visited by the RCMP, who seemed to be curious about his promise to release Secret Documents revealing that Justin Trudeau was responsible for importing COVID 19 to Canada, then covering it up. As it turns out, the "secret document" was a letter from an official to the folks who attended the world military games in China and returned to Canada weeks before the first cases were diagnosed, telling them that they were not at risk, but urging them to get tested for their own peace of mind, if they wanted to. Given that the letter wasn't classified in any way, I'm not sure why they even bothered to talk to him: but it did yield a really funny segment in which a terrified Keean tries to bluster his way through a very simple, civil interview with two very calm officers.

Foog said...

And scrubbed already. Is racist Howdy Doody reading your blog, CC? Anyways, I hope someone actually did take those screenshots.

CC said...

What exactly was scrubbed, Foog? I probably have screenshots.

Foog said...

My mistake. Nothing was scrubbed. It's just that the thin skinned racist has me blocked on twitter, so when I clicked on your twitter search link it came up with zero results. Sorry about that. (also, Christ twitter search is absolute dogshit for giving me "zero results" instead of "person x has you blocked".