Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Black & Blue: Another Violent Con

Now I'm certainly not a big fan of Ignatieff but even as a curmudgeonly blogger I have never thought for a moment that he should end up black and blue for holding opinions that I don't support. Perhaps if I were a Conservative Member of Parliament I might hold more violent fantasies. Apparently Garry Breitkreuz, a fanatical gun nut, has decided that Ignatieff's determination to whip his party's vote against abolishing the long gun registry is worthy of a beating. Perhaps it is just that sort of violent tendency that makes a gun registry so important. When less stable members of the population, like Garry Breitkreuz, start wishing violence on others it might be good to know whether he is armed and to what extent.

This whack job insinuates that the Police Chiefs of this nation are on the take and acting in a cult-like manner. Check out this page from the honourable member's site,
obsessed much, gun cultist? More than 100 articles feeding the frothing madness of this loon. Any opposition to his unfettered gun craze and you are the devil incarnate, crooked or in need of violent intervention.

Here is the nutter's news release wherein he raves about crooked police chiefs and a load of
other nonsense. And here are a few choice quotes:

Pro-registry groups such as the Coalition for Gun Control and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) are politically-motivated lobby groups that derive financial support from pro-registry sources.
“Their positions are tainted and suspect in my view, because their endorsement can be bought,” says Breitkreuz.

“His attempt to force members of his caucus to vote against the bill is politically transparent. Imagine demanding eight members of your caucus to suddenly abandon the wishes of their constituents. This leader is a bully who may well be committing political suicide. With tactics like this, I doubt he’ll be missed on either side of the House.”

It’s an act of desperation that insults the intellect of Canadians. His true colours are showing, and if his caucus has any integrity, those colours should be black and blue.

Imagine Mr Breitkreuz, a political party that enforces caucus discipline. I certainly hope that Stephen Harper takes this boob aside and reads him the riot act. The Conservative Party, for better and mostly worst, occupy the government side of the house. It is more than unseemly to have one of these cracked fools going off like this. It diminishes the dignity of the position and the trust placed in an elected member. And it might behoove the constabulary to keep an eye on this sort of individual. His penchant for firepower and obviously short fuse make him a potential risk to public safety and a good candidate for proving the value of the registry.

We register cars, marriages and all manner of services, contracts and licences. Evidently deadly weapons should be exempt from this standard social practice to keep violent, right wing extremists within the government from lashing out. This is our government, salted through with some true winners.


Anonymous said...

Since he claims that cops can be bought, I'm guessing he's hoping for a fascist state?

Conservatives are all idiots.

Anonymous said...

Is he the Captain of the new Harper Youth corps?

CK said...

I posted about this last night...the idiot apparently apologized with the lamest of excuses; "I don't know how that got there..." Yeah, and the evul soshalist dog made me do it...

A commenter at my place told me that this clown's website reads like a Stephen King novel.

All this should sound familiar. I've noticed in the past few years how many Americans go psychotic at the very idea of gun control.

I see it's starting in Canada now... Dismal indeed!

And folks wonder why I fear a Harpercon majority most of all...

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Press release looks like it's been taken down from the site....