Friday, April 23, 2010

The stupid. It burns.

Oh, man ... that is one awesome level of retard.


Ti-Guy said...

I was all mouth-gapingly bemused until I read Mike Brock's comments in that thread and realised I prefer Brent Colbert's candid and almost child-like dull wittedness to Brock's pseudo-erudite and hyperventilating "history of everything."

But holy crap. How did that fat retard ever get a job...any job...much less Larry O'Brien's chief of staff?

sooey said...

Well... if you were Brent Colbert, you'd probably be a little nervous about Eugenics D... er, I mean, Earth Day, too.

Moon Rattled said...

Can that guy look any more like a sleazy car salesman? He's a walking caricature.

I'll go where Sooey couldn't and say I'd definitely abort that.