Friday, April 16, 2010

Stephen Harper and black people.

Shorter Stephen Harper: "I hate black people. I really, really, really hate black people. Hey, have I mentioned how much I hate black people?"

BONUS TRACK: Here's the money quote from the Globe article:

For years, the government denied Mr. Abdelrazik even a temporary passport to return home from a trip to Sudan, claiming it had to abide by the UN sanctions against al-Qaeda suspects, which include a travel ban and the seizure of all assets.

Reworded Stephen Harper Party of Canada: "We'd love to help but, golly gee, there's those gosh-darned UN regulations and binding international treaties so our hands are pretty much tied."

If you didn't snort scotch out of your nose based on that last part, you haven't been paying attention.


deBeauxOs said...

Larry "Loose" Cannon: "Me too! Me too!"

PeBo said...

Steven Harper does not hate black people!!! He hates all non-white-non-Judeo/Christians.

Was Omar Khadr black? Hell, he even demonstrates that Harper hates child-soldiers...and that's not "Harper hates child soldiers and wants sanctions against countries which use them", its "Harper hates child-soldiers and thinks they should all be locked up indefinitely or executed"

Oh, and I would guess if you're an adolescent-ethiopian-gay-muslim ya may as well shoot yourself rather than moving to a Conservative Canada.

Funny thing is, everyone used to say that Harper had a hidden agenda to change Canadian culture...but I just can't see how anyone could have said that...sure doesn't seem "hidden" to me.

I can only hope that the Separatists win the next Qu├ębec referendum so I can have a sane country to move to. (with primo skiing to boot)

thwap said...

If there's one thing i wouldn't credit Quebec for, it's anti-racism.

They ought to rein-in their cops for instance. They're the ones banning the head-scarf ain't they?

Ti-Guy said...

Larry "Loose" Cannon: "Me too! Me too!"

Deepak Obrai: "Me three!

...What? I'm not black...I'm brown."

double nickel said...

Fuckers. I can't stand these Reformacon assholes.