Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When truly stupid bloggers blog.

Blogging Tory Maria S Nunes pulls out her Sarah Palin vibrator and gives it a moaningly good workout:

Sarah Palin: Dimwits refuse to see that she has what it takes

The experience and know-how on how to get things done in a mature and common sense way are second nature to a woman like Palin. It was Sarah Palin's never-ending and never-relenting stance on making Alaska a self dependent state that got the ball rolling on the Exxon Mobil-TransCanada Pipeline Not many people know that the construction of this pipeline is the world's largest project in this kind of engineering.

And how did this come about? It's all thanks to Palin's insight and determination that got the green light for this project some months ago. This is a feather in her cap, and in her cap alone. Anybody who tells you any different is lying. I have been a follower of the TransCanada Pipeline as a small time investor and I, alongwith others who know about this project , know that it was Palin who made this possible. There were the usual naysayers who thought this was just a "pipe dream" of Palin's and would never happen, just like similar naysayers are now blowing their horns about her non-electability.

She never gave up and she cut through the mile-thick bureaucracy tape to make this project happen. Those who think that Palin is not electable are probably in awe of the man in the WH who does not have even 5% of the accomplishments that are a merit to Sarah Palin's acumen, intelligence and proof of leadership.

I'm sorry ... I can't go on.


sooey said...

The Blogging Tories must be a parody of the Blogging Tea Baggers.

Anonymous said...

"mile thick bureaucracy tape"!

- mon dieu

Anonymous said...

"If you are a fan of Palin's you will like to read the whole article here from Investors' Daily if you think she is a nitwit, kindly get away from this blog"


The Seer said...

Peter Brown has remarked that a few generations after the Empire in the west collapsed, classically educated bishops deliberately "dumbed down" their message to reach their post-Roman audience. Multi-layered messages describing less then simple issues aren't going to get through to today's conservative. Sarah has a real talent and advantage in communicating with today's conservatives.

Moon Rattled said...

These idiots should be considered a liability to the conservative party. No self-respecting, halfway decent political party would tolerate them.

I suggest someone tease her into spinning a positive post on the bridge to nowhere.

PeBo said...

Go ahead, make fun of Sarah! But she has something that none of you have!! She has an ex son-in-law who does nude photo spreads in gay skin mags...

...infact, they had to "spread it" over two issues!

Now I don't know about you, but knocking up a Republican Hockey Mom's daughter, AND then doing nudes for gay porn makes me drop all kinds of respect at this dude's feet.

Sarah, having this kinda shit hitting her fan, thinking that she can still win extreme-right U.S. conservative support makes me think she's got a trick or two up her sleeve (although they most likely were her daughters 'tricks' to whom she offered herself as sloppy seconds).

Either way, if I were one of her countrymen, she'd have my vote!!

(not being one of her countrymen, I'm intelligent enough to simply say "what the fuck???"

Metro said...


Actually, they have no problem with that--Cognitive dissonance isn't something today's Conservative feels or understands, or can afford to lest its head explode.

Witness the relentless claim of "accomplishments" for a woman who won a beauty contest, then bought the Governorship of the second-most corrupt state in the Union with oil money and quit, and was picked to be McCain's Girl Friday because she looks like cheesecake and he looks like a litter of shar-pei puppies.

mikmik said...

Wow, national healthcare doesn't even rate 5%(of Palin's accomplishments).
They can't can't get over the accomplishment of winning the WH - one accomplishment she will never have.