Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear awesomely stupid Arizona Hispanic Republicans:

Your party, you deserve it:

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Hispanic Republicans believe that it is unfortunate for Jan Brewer to support Pearce’s bill. The greatest leaders in our nation had courage, and we believe that Brewer made her decision in an effort to save her political career. Jan Brewer’s decision will mark today as the day in which Hispanic Americans will follow the footsteps of the Great Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Pearce and Brewer do not see the unintended consequences of their actions, and it appears that they were willing to make decisions that affect us at the cost of trampling on our Constitutional Rights ... blah blah blah much clueless bitching and whining ...

But here's the bestest part of all, further down:

That said, and even though we are taking a stance against Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce’s law, we are ultimately holding President Obama accountable. Obama promised Hispanics that he would pass immigration reform within 90 days of his Presidency. Had Obama carried out his promises to Hispanics last year, the Hispanic community would not be experiencing the crisis we are experiencing right now.

Good thinking, awesomely stupid Arizona Hispanic Republicans. It's not like Obama has been stymied, delayed and obstructed by an intransigent Republican Congress at every step of every single thing he's ever tried.

Here's a thought, awesomely stupid Arizona Hispanic Republicans: If you're too stupid to understand what kind of bad craziness you were setting yourselves up for by getting in bed with pathologically racist Republicans, please pack up your shit and leave. Sane, intelligent people are not going to miss you.

TIMELY COMEDY: How Obama should respond to Arizona Hispanic Republicans who come begging for federal intervention:

Yeah, pretty much like that.

TWEET! Some related silliness on Twitter:

allen_osuno @matttbastard I hope latinos remember which party did this crap in AZ and refuse to provide ANY latino votes for the GOP in contested races

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Yo, allen ... what part of "awesomely stupid" did you not catch?


Ti-Guy said...

I guess the Great Wall of the Rio Grande isn't working out as planned.

Coming up: National ID (and the ensuing drama over "the mark of the beast") for all Americans.

Southern Quebec said...

No National ID...MICROCHIPS! They are going to have everybody going by little scanners. They do it for dogs...why not people? :)

toujoursdan said...

Yup. Don't you know? Illegal immigration didn't occur before Obama got into the White House, and those 3 almost identical bills passed in AZ but vetoed by Democrat Janet Napolitano... We'll pretend that this didn't happen...