Saturday, April 17, 2010

FdaJews? Apparently.

Big City Lib shines a light in a very dark and ugly place, whereupon those fun-loving scamps over at Free Dominion crap themselves in terror, then promise that they won't take this lying down.

I particularly like commenter "Edward Kennedy" Gerry T. Neal referring specifically to Dr. Dawg and BCL by their full names. You know ... sorta like, "Nice identity you got there -- be a shame if anything happened to it." Or perhaps, "We know who you are. Just sayin'."

I'm thinking that if anything suspicious happens to either BCL or Dr. Dawg, we'll have a pretty good idea where to start looking.


CK said...

Then I'm sure Edward Kennedy won't be offended if I exercise my free speech by calling him a fat, parasitical ass-wipe whose mommy dresses funny!

Moon Rattled said...

Edward Kennedy, proudly white and sporting a big old tan.

Physically he resembles that Austrian creep who kept his daughter in a dungeon for 20+ years.

double nickel said...

Edward blows dead goats. Fuck him.

Gene Rayburn said...

Edward's profile says gender unknown. He's one ugly tranny.

Dr.Dawg said...

In fairness, that was apartheid supporter Gerry T. Neal.